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1M Xfinity Subs Saw ‘E.T’ Since Commercial Launched

Comcast said that since it launched a commercial telling the story of E.T. returning to earth for a reunion with Elliott, more than 1 million Xfinity subscribers have watched the original 1982 film E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on demand.

The new commercial--and full four minute film--was launched on NBC’s coverage of the Thanksgiving Day parade. It was designed to show how people can use Xfinity’s connectivity technology to bring family and friends together during the holidays.

Comcast also said the film contains more than 30 Easter eggs that big E.T. fans might enjoy finding. Some of those involve special props created for the film.

Some of the people who have created those props have been pointing them out on social media. They include:

  • @theshoesurgeon (Instagram) – Shoe Surgeon, rehabilitated the Nike Diablos
  • @jessicahische (Instagram) – Jessica Hische, made the typography poster
  • @thediyday (Instagram) – Renee Day, made ornaments on the Christmas tree
  • JANGBRICKS (YouTube – coming soon) – made the custom LEGO spaceship

Comcast also put a top 10 list of Easter eggs here.