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Wilson watching over NBCU trio in Stamford

Tracie Wilson has been named SVP of programming and development for NBC Universal Domestic TV Distribution’s Stamford Media Center located in Connecticut.

She oversees the three NBCU shows that are produced out of Stamford: Maury, Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. She’s also community liaison between the shows and Stamford and manages the production facility.

Wilson has worked for NBCU since 2003, starting as VP of programming development and programming executive on Maury and Jerry Springer. In 2008, Wilson played a key role in launching Steve Wilkos, a spin-off of Springer.

Since 2000, Wilson had been director of programming and development of Studios USA where she also worked on Maury and Springer as well as other Universal-produced shows such as Crossing Over with John Edward, Blind Date and The Fifth Wheel. Studios USA, the production arm of Universal Domestic Television, was absorbed into NBCU when NBC and Universal merged.

Prior to that, Wilson was manager of current programming for MCA Television, the predecessor to NBCU Domestic TV. She joined that company in 1995 as executive assistant to then-Universal Television Group Chairman Greg Meidel, who now oversees MyNetwork TV and Twentieth Television.

Wilson lives in Darian, Conn., with her husband, Nate, and two daughters. She recently was asked to sit on the board of directors for Stamford’s Chamber of Commerce, Stamford’s Center of the Arts and Stamford’s Downtown special services district. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire.