Sundance, WZZM and a talent roundup report

In the middle of winter, with snow and ice outside the windows, I have seen the glint in the eyes of a true golfer watching The Golf Channel. It’s amazing – they enter a near-drool stare while watching warm weather tourneys. I mention this because The Golf Channel named TERRY CORNELISSEN as Midwest director of digital ad sales up in less-than warm weather Chicago. The Orlando area based no doubt has meetings down there – huh?

Up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is where a lot of office furniture is manufactured (perhaps the chair in which you are currently sitting) Gannett’s ABC affil WZZM has promoted their news director to VP/News Director. Congrats goes out to TIM GERAGHTY, who’s been living in west Michigan’s largest city since 2004. Talk about making a change…before moving north, Tim was News Director of NBC’s owned WTVJ in sexy Miami. He’s no stranger to the banks of the Grand River – at one time he was a news producer in Kalamazoo. Congrats Tim.

ROBERT REDFORD’s Sundance Channel (I know he doesn’t OWN it, but I like writing his name and thinking about him) has a new Director, Integrated Sales. Step forward TARA MARSHALL and get your news business cards. The Baltimore native was most recently at ABC Digital Media Sales. The Loyola grad has also worked at The Washington Post and Newsweek, both in their interactive areas. Tara is officially now part of the nearly year old Branded Entertainment and Sponsorship Department at Sundance. Yes, she’s located in the NYC metro and calls VP Branded Entertainment and Sponsorship KIM GABELMANN boss.

Before we leave Sundance, let’s hear it for JENNIFER BAGGETT, who’s the new Sales Marketing Manager. She’s back from a world tour that she blogged about, and won some kind of award for it. Check it out The Florida State grad has worked for VH1 and NBC before chucking it all and heading around the world. Love that spirit!

Got a lot of new news positions to tell about. So do a fast roundup: Trading WXIN in Indy for WABC in New York (wow – impressive) is JESSICA TAFF who is a sports anchor and reporter. Heading to the Left Coast from NYC’s C/NET is RICH DEMURO who’ll be clocking in at KCBS and KCAL. KIMBERLY HUNT gets to stay in San Diego as the new weeknight anchor at KGTV. Ms. Hunt spent 5 years at competition KUSI in the best weather city in the county. Speaking of SD, HEATHER MYERS makes the switch from reporter at KFMB to anchor reporter at XETV. All these talented folks are repped by Willinger Talent Agency. Yeah, there’s more news but we’re out of room and you’ll have to come back again. Try tomorrow.

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