Show me the Money, and the way to San Diego

Taking the 5 south from LA is RICH GOLDNER, who’s trading his News Director slot at Tribune’s KTLA for the News Director slot at Tribune’s soon-to-be FOX station in San Diego, aka KSWB. Rich has been in LA for 17 years, and has worked his way up to ND after being Executive Producer of first Morning News and then Prime News. Prior to joining KTLA, he was with CBS News, New York on the CBS Morning Show as Associate/Remote Producer. Great news, Rich. Are you going to commute or actually move to the city where the weather is the best in the US?

  Heading East from Denver with Rochester the end destination on his Trip-Tik is ED CRONY, who is going to head up the Creative Services Department at Nexstar’s WROC. For more about Ed, click here.

Out in the Philly suburb where QVC is located comes word that two announcements are in order. MIKE BIONDIOLILLO (pix on the right) has come on board as VP of Client Services. Isn’t that nice QVC considers people who work for them to be clients. Nice…very nice. Mike’s a real pro, with a law degree from University of Dayton and years of experience at Wyeth and GE. Also on board in West Chester is NICK BRECKER (pix on the left) who is the Vice President of Total Rewards. It’s all about benefits and compensation. Nick’s a grad of St. Joseph’s University and has been with CVS and Tyco. Enjoy your new slots, guys.

Looks like MARK GREENBERG’s first job in his new role running the new Pay-per-view cable channel being put together by Paramount, MGM and Lions Gate will be to name the company. Can’t wait to see what it will be.

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