Salute to the Money Men

Without the “money men”…those folks who sign the checks, keep track of what the creative people spend and generally keep the cash flowing…well, our biz would come to a chaotic halt. So, let’s salute some of the new folks who are keeping the money rolling.

ERIC SHAIN, stand up and take a bow in your new job at Vice President, Production Finance at the Disney ABC Cable Networks Group. What that means is this – Eric will oversee both the internal and external financial aspects of development and production of both short-form and long-form original programming for Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Jetix, SOAPnet and ABC Family. He’s a CPA who reports to JEWELL ENGSTROM, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, Disney ABC Cable Networks Group. His old title was Executive Director, Production Finance, Disney ABC Cable Networks Group. He’s a real SoCal guy…from the Valley: Encino. He’s also done that financial thing for Warners. Cool!

Round 2 and 3 for the Fight Network. They’ve named PATRICK MICHAUD as Chief Financial Officer, and PAUL LABERGE as Chief Operating Officer, completing the management reorganization, which began with the company’s change of leadership in September 2007. Most recently, Patrick, who has been in the biz for 30 years, was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Score Media. Paul spent nine years at Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. and its affiliated companies, most recently as Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & General Counsel at Motion Picture Distribution LP. Great!

Thanks guys, for keeping the dollars and cents in the right places.

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