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No Argument: Marketers Love Presidential Debates

Advertisers have been flocking to presidential debates, which have been generating huge audiences.

The debates are on the news networks, but they are attracting advertisers who don’t always run in news programming. And those advertisers are paying top dollar, with CNBC last month reportedly charging $250,000 per 30-second spot.

After five debates among the Republican and Democratic candidates, the top advertiser has been Universal Pictures, which had two spots on the Republican debate on Fox News Channel Aug. 6, three during the Republican debate on CNN on Sept. 16 and two on CNN’s Democratic Party Candidate debate on Oct. 13, according to, which tracks commercials in real time.

Other advertisers whose ads have been seen multiple times include Sony Pictures, Jos. A. Bank, Men’s Wearhouse, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Norfolk Southern, CNN, Focus Features, BMW, CBS Films, John Deer, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and BDO accountants.

Fox Business Network Tuesday night airs debates in which the Republican candidates discuss economic issues.

The network says it has sold spots to movie studios, automakers, luxury goods marketers, political campaigns and issue advertisers.