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I know of a lot of sports guys who have made the transition to doing news, but this might be the first I remember who’s making the transition from news to sports. (Yes, you can let me know if I overlooked anyone. Please do.) The news to spots guy in question is PRINCELL HAIR, who as of Monday is the Senior Vice President of News Operations for Philly-based Comcast SportsNet. He’ll call SportsNet Prez JON LITNER boss. Hair’s background is Turner and Viacom intensive: senior vice president of Turner Broadcasting’s Strategic Planning Group, senior vice president of program and talent development for CNN Worldwide and vice president of news for the Viacom Television Stations Group. Hair’s MBA is from Emory and his bachelor’s is from Florida International U. He replaces former Comcast SportsNet Senior Vice President of Programming TOM STATHAKES, who recently became senior vice president of programming, production and operations for The Golf Channel, which is also owned by Comcast. Score!

Hitting market #2, which is really #1 in sunshine and palm trees, is ELIZABETH APPLEGATE, who’s heading south on the 5 from Sacramento to LA. She’s the new Prime News Executive Producer for KTLA over on Sunset. (Note – didn’t Tribune sell that prime piece of real estate? Where will they move?) She’s been Exec Producer at CBS’s KOVR in California’s capital. She grew up in the business, so her address listings include Chicago, New York and LA. Born in the city by the Bay, San Francisco, she has here degree from Ohio State U in the Buckeye state, and is Buckeye TV alum. Go google that if you don’t know. Ms. Elizabeth’s first job was at WBNS in Columbus, where she was an associate producer. Congrats!

More News news…come June 11, GREGORY GITTRICH, Assistant Managing Editor of News for the New York Daily News, will become the National News Editor for the NBC Local Media digital platforms.

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