News from the East Coast

This time of year is always full of wonderful things, not all holiday related. Lots of changes, promotions and hires, and it just so happens that these are all from the East Coast. I promise to give equal time to the other parts of the country, too.  So let’s get started in the City of Brotherly Love:

Trading the snowy but elegant lifestyle of Philadelphia for the near-perfect lifestyle of Florida’s southwest coast is LISA MISHLER, who begins January 14 as co-anchor with CHRIS CIFATTE on WINK, the CBS affiliate in Ft. Myers. Lisa is a vet of Philly news operations at KYW and WCAU, and has also worked in Orlando and Boston. Also at WINK comes news that viewer fave LOIS THOME is going to anchor the 5,6 and new 7 pm newscasts. Enjoy your palm trees!

Another lovely spot in which to live – the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, which includes Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, etc. It’s where DENISE PERRY is pursuing her career in TV. As a matter of fact, she just got a promotion to Sales Support Account Coordinator for Cox Media after being Admin Sales Assistant. The lovely Ms. Perry holds a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. Congrats!

Back in ’96 (boy, this sounds like a monologue line from a western, but keep reading…) TOM GOODMAN, who had been head of communications for CBS and CBS News, founded his own shop, Goodman Media International. Been doing very well, thanks for asking. And he’s promoted a trio of talented folks. Former Sr Account Director JOHN MIANCHI is a VP now. You might remember him from working at CBS, NBC and CNN. BETH OLSEN took a Sr. Account Director slot fro her role as Account Director. And SABRINA STRAUSS is the new Account Director from Account Manager.

USA Network has a new EVP in their marketing division. He’s a great guy and you can find out all about him by clicking here.

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