MCN Online Extra | November 11, 2019

Cover Story
Chris Matthews Still Has His Fastball
‘Hardball’ turns 20 and host gears up for sizzling 2020 election
PLUS:Spanish Networks Plot 2020’s New Electoral Map (expanded version)

Voices: Iterations, Daniel Frankel
Cable Operators Get Flex-able on Cord Cutting in Q3

Voices: Picture This, R. Thomas Umstead
DAZN's Fight Delay Makes For Long Night, Increased Business

MCN’s Most Viewed, Oct. 30-Nov. 7
1. Disney+ Still Lacks an Amazon Fire TV App a Week Away from Launch
2. AT&T’s Stephens: DirecTV Losses ‘Have Peaked’
3. Philo CEO Andrew McCollum: ‘We Think We Have a Fundamentally More Sustainable Offering’
4. Verizon Fios TV Lost 67K More Customers in Q3 as Platform Continues to Slip into Irrelevancy
5. Expect More vMVPD Attrition Following PlayStation Vue Shuttering, Analyst Says