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This Just in...KTVU retirement announced

Veteran, which means he’s been around the block a few times, news anchor DENNIS RICHMOND is going to hang up his microphone and retire from his KTVU news slot come this May. He’s been there a few years…40 according to the press release. His last say is May 21 and his first day was April 29, 1968. Not many can claim a career as long as that and it’s sad to see a San Francisco-Oakland icon say adieu. His is a story that reads like an Horatio Alger story…he finished up a stint in the Army and drove to California with just $400 in his pocket. Began at the station as a clerk typist. Don’t you love stories like that? I’m sure you’ll hear more about him as the time comes for him to go home and write a fiction book and work on his golf game.