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Hooray For Another Top 10 List From Dave

Remember David Letterman?

The one-time king of late night emerged from retirement to appear on stage with Steve Martin and Martin Short in San Antonio.Instead of TV, this appearance is being broadcast on YouTube.

Letterman jokes about his decision to quit coming at a bad time now that Donald Trump is running for president. And as if enough folks aren't already giving Trump a hard time, Letterman produced a Top 10 list of his own devoted to the plutocrat-politician, most of those making references to Trump's hair. In San Antonio,

Letterman also gets a cheer by referring to the Spurs--and laments that the teams in his neighborhoods, the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks, are probably no longer in the league.

The video serves as a reminder that Stephen Colbert has big shoes to fill at CBS.