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Analyst Offers Top 10 List of Media Topics

With media stock dropping, issues about the TV industry are under closer scrutiny.

Analyst Richard Greenfield of BTIG, who is usually outspoken about the threats to traditional media companies as technology changes the landscape, outlined 10 topics that ought to be top of mind for industry executives and investors.

“The last few weeks have resulted in unparalleled destruction of market cap within the legacy media sector, relative to the overall market, all during a time of overall US economic health. While earnings are not collapsing, investors are growing increasingly skeptical of the stability in the media sector’s earnings trajectory,” Greenfield writes.

Here’s his list of media issues:

1. Wake-Up Call For Brands to Shift TV Ad Dollars to Digital and Mobile

2. Why is 1% Video Sub Loss the Base Case When Ratings Are Plunging?

3. Is it Time to Crank Up Reverse Retrans?

4. Are Sports Rights Becoming an Overhang?

5. Is It Time to Suspend Buybacks?

6. Executive Compensation Realignment Needed To Focus on Long Term

7. Rethink Programming Strategy for a Direct-To-Consumer World.

8. Is the FCC Set to Crackdown on Retrans?

9. Is Horizontal Consolidation Needed to Facilitate DTC?

10. Does Spectrum Windfall Need a Reset, Despite Broadcasters’ Increased Desire to Sell?