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You.i TV Announces Release of You.i Engine One 4.6 Featuring Remote Asset Management

OTTAWA, Ontario--You.i TV today announced a new version of its You.i Engine One platform that includes remote asset management and other features that can spur faster, better and more monetizable video app experiences for media companies worldwide.

Release 4.6 has been created to further increase the ability of developers and designers to build and personalize video interfaces across platforms, and to enable greater opportunities for branded content. A key new feature, Remote Assets, allows developers to configure applications to retrieve all UX elements, including layout, styling and motion, dynamically from a server. Designers can export screen updates through the You.i Engine One After Effects Workflow and deploy changes to market without recertification. This provides brand leaders with the speed and flexibility required to deploy custom redesigns, branded moments or sponsorships consistently across all screens.

In addition, source-code for flexible cross-platform app accelerators, containing pre-built user flows and UX templates to support SVOD, AVOD and TVE business models are readily available. Developers will now have full access to the following features:

  • Improved flexibility for native platform and web user interface integrations on mobile devices. Developers can now use native platform user interface controls within You.i Engine One interfaces and apply decorations to augment embedded webviews, providing end users with a natural experience for embedded native widgets, such as Twitter, or web based content.
  • The most commonly used user interface components have been improved to give application designers and developers greater flexibility and control over app elements, including animations, focus and data modelling.
  • A redesigned cross-platform build system that simplifies the management and inclusion of dependencies, and provides developers with additional flexibility to automate application pipelines and introduce more testing.
  • Improved custom debugging tools for rendering performance, focus and layout.
  • C++ 11 compatible libraries, giving developers more flexibility around the kinds of technologies they want to include in their application, and greater design options.

”The product enhancements announced today are a direct result of intense collaboration with our customers around a shared vision of the video landscape,” says Jason Flick, CEO and Co-founder of You.i TV. “We’re thrilled to help lay the groundwork for both app experience and business model innovation at pace.”

As a C-Space exhibitor at the Aria Hotel, You.i TV will demonstrate the latest version of You.i Engine One during CES 2018 January 9-12 in Las Vegas.