You.i TV to Speak at Europe’s Largest React Native Conference

Ottawa, ON, Canada – September 4, 2019 ––You.i TV, the world leader in premium software development tools for addressing cross-platform app development, today announced it has accepted an invitation to speak at React Native EU 2019, Europe’s largest React Native conference.

A year ago, You.i TV bound React Native to their cross-platform SDK, You.i Engine One, becoming one of the first enterprise companies to embrace the highly-flexible development framework pioneered by Facebook. The combination of React Native’s open source JavaScript application framework and You.i TV’s C++ based SDK has powered the world's biggest brands with a unified app strategy, a video-first design and development toolset, and the continuous innovation and support of the broader development community.

Two You.i TV React Native experts – CTO Andrew Emmons and Developer Relations Manager Erik Uggeldahl – have been asked to discuss You.i TV’s breakthroughs in bringing React Native to Roku, Samsung Tizen and other new platforms in their talk, “Taking React Native to Consoles, TVs, and Beyond Using the Dark Power of C++,“ at React Native EU in Wroclaw, Poland, Sept 5, 10:00AM CEST.

“React Native has become an integral part of how we offer the biggest brands users the best quality experience,” said Andrew Emmons, CTO at You.i TV. “With a burgeoning React Native community, we’re excited to give back and share the new capabilities we’ve unlocked in this exciting development framework.”

"We are thankful for having You.i TV as a part of our community at React Native EU this year," said Mike Grabowski, CTO of Callstack and React Native Core Contributor. "We are looking forward to learning how they’ve harnessed the flexibility of React Native to deliver new and improved consumer experiences for the world's leading TV and media brands."

At IBC2019 in Amsterdam Sept. 13-17, You.i TV (Stand 14.H04) will demonstrate React Native-powered experiences running across 12 different platforms, including hard to reach platforms like Roku and Samsung Tizen. Learn more and book a demo with You.i TV React Native video experts at