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XenData’s New Multi-Tier Storage Platform Certified for Axxon Intellect Enterprise Software

XenData’s New Multi-Tier Storage Platform Certified for Axxon Intellect Enterprise Software

Walnut Creek, Calif. – March 28, 2017 XenData, the global provider of high capacity digital video storage solutions for video surveillance and creative video applications, announced today that its new multi-tier scalable storage systems are certified platforms for AxxonSoft’s cutting-edge Intellect Enterprise physical security information management (PSIM) software.

The XenData multi-tier storage systems may be configured to provide two highly scalable storage volumes: a Disk Volume that scales to 400 TB and an LTO tape Volume that scales to multiple petabytes. Both storage volumes are directly attached to and managed by a single powerful Windows server that can also run the Intellect software. The Disk Volume is ideal for shorter term retention of video, whereas the LTO volume provides a cost effective highly scalable storage repository for video content that will be retained for longer periods, but is less frequently accessed.

The Intellect PSIM software combines end-to-end, IP-based physical security management, intelligent video surveillance, and an enterprise-wide architecture that includes servers, clients and gateways. The Intellect software may be installed on a XenData multi-tier storage system to create an Intellect server that acts as a massively scalable central video storage repository.

The LTO Volume on the XenData storage system stores video files on 6 TB LTO7 cartridges held in one or more robotic LTO libraries, each of which can provide capacities up to 3.3 PB in a 42 RU 19-inch rack. The files are retained on LTO7 cartridges for a defined retention period, after which the content is deleted and the cartridges are automatically reformatted ready for re-use. Robotic LTO libraries have very low electrical power consumption, which means that on-going costs are kept to a minimum. Storing on LTO7 cartridges provides significant savings: it is a smarter and more affordable alternative to conventional disk-based systems, allowing for sizable savings in both initial purchase and operational costs.

Furthermore, the total capacity of the LTO Volume is easily expandable without the difficulties associated with expansion of conventional RAID. With the ability to write up to 50TB of video on a single multi-tier server per day, it scales on demand to accommodate huge volumes of data – for increased image resolution, longer retention times and added cameras.

“By using LTO for a second tier of storage, together with smart data migration policies, the overall cost of video surveillance storage can be reduced by 30-40 percent,” said Dr. Phil Storey, CEO and a co-founder of XenData. “By having a shorter term RAID volume and an LTO active archive volume for longer term retention, you are matching the cost of the storage to the access requirements.”

Axxon Intellect Enterprise software running on XenData storage systems will be demonstrated at ISC West in Las Vegas from 5-7 April on the XenData booth, #30111.

About XenData

XenData is a global provider of professional data storage solutions optimized for creative video and video surveillance applications. Its products include high capacity storage systems that provide secure long-term retention of video assets on RAID, LTO, optical cartridges and/or the Cloud.

XenData has customers in over 50 countries, including government organizations, large corporations, TV stations and media production companies. For more information visit:

About AxxonSoft

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. The company has over 2,500 partners, which perform over 1,500 installations every month. With more than 40 offices around the world, the company provides its partners with fast response times and exceptional support in every corner of the globe. AxxonSoft is a Contributing Member of the ONVIF forum and offers integration for approximately 8,500 models of IP cameras, allowing security users to get the most out of on-board camera features. For more information visit: