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XenData Launches Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance Optimized for Media Files

Walnut Creek, Calif. – August 16, 2017 –XenData, the global provider of high capacity data storage solutions, launches its CX-10 Appliance, which can manage a single hybrid file system across two storage tiers: 10 TB of on-premises RAID and unlimited Microsoft Azure blob storage. The appliance allows existing file-based applications to use cloud storage without the need for modification.

The CX-10 has highly configurable RAID retention policies that determine which files are written to the cloud, local RAID or both, allowing users to set policy rules for different file types and folders. The RAID retention policies keep frequently accessed files on local storage, which maximizes restore rates and minimizes both cloud access costs and Internet bandwidth usage. For example, current projects can be stored on local disk with a data protection copy on Azure. Once a project is completed, retention policies may be updated to replace the project files held on disk with sparse files (stubs), freeing up local disk storage while maintaining immediate access to the content from the cloud.

The CX-10 runs XenData Cloud File Gateway software on a Windows 10 operating system. The hybrid file system is presented as a logical drive letter, which can be accessed locally or as one or more Windows network shares. Optimized for media files, it includes certified integration options for a wide range of media applications, including many media asset management systems, and supports partial file restore, which allows clip creation from large video files without downloading the full file.

The gateway also provides the following:

  • A highly scalable system: Content stored in the cloud is unlimited, easily growing to multiple petabytes, and the CX-10 can store up to two billion files within the hybrid file system, making it highly scalable in both capacity and number of managed files
  • File sharing and security: Files may be accessed locally or shared via SMB or FTP, and the tiered storage volume is fully compliant with the Microsoft security model based on Active Directory, allowing for easy introduction into an existing Windows domain or workgroup
  • Internet bandwidth optimization: Scheduled time windows may be configured to postpone file copies being made to Azure, allowing internet bandwidth to be optimized when in high demand

“The CX-10 is a smarter way to implement cloud storage for media professionals. It combines high performance and continuous backup for files that are often accessed together with unlimited storage in the cloud for less frequently accessed content,” said Phil Storey, XenData CEO and co-founder. “It is perfect for organizations that need to manage large volumes of creative video files, image files or files from a wide variety of scientific and engineering applications.”

The CX-10 is a compact 1U rack mount unit with two mirrored enterprise class 10 TB disks for the on-premises storage. These keep the system running even in the event of a disk drive failure. It also includes a solid-state boot volume and two USB 3.0 ports, which are ideal for direct connecting USB drives with content to be offloaded to the CX-10 hybrid storage. The base model has two 1 GbE network ports and options for additional 10 GbE ports are available.

The CX-10 is priced from $6,950, including 12 months of onsite support and subscription for the XenData Cloud File Gateway. It will be demonstrated for the first time at the IBC Expo in Amsterdam on the XenData booth in Hall 7, from 15-19 September 2017.

About XenData

XenData is a global provider of professional data storage solutions optimized for creative media and video surveillance applications. Its products include high-capacity storage systems that provide secure long- term retention of video assets on RAID, LTO, optical cartridges and/or the Cloud.

XenData has customers in over 90 countries, including government organizations, large corporations, TV stations and media production companies. For more information visit: