WPSD Chooses AVIWEST DMNG PRO Bonded Cellular Transmitter From VidOvation to Extend Field Newsgathering

IRVINE, Calif. -- Feb. 29, 2016 -- VidOvation today announced that WPSD, an NBC affiliate station based in Paducah, Kentucky, has expanded its field newsgathering capabilities with the AVIWEST DMNG PRO 180 3G/4G bonded cellular video transmission system. An ultra-compact and highly portable camera-mounted device, the DMNG PRO enables WPSD news teams to transmit live, high-quality video from the source of breaking news and other live events without having to deploy bulky and costly microwave equipment. In addition, WPSD has deployed the AVIWEST DMNG APP iOS to the news team, enabling team members to use their iOS(R)-based smartphones to transmit video content instantly from the phone's front or rear camera.

"As a family-owned, medium-sized TV station, we have to be budget-conscious. Along with our ABC and CBS affiliate competitors, we're also unique in that we cover four states in the Paducah/Harrisburg/Cape Girardeau market. This means a lot of travel in order to offer complete coverage of breaking news," said Mike Spissinger, Chief Photographer, WPSD. "With the DMNG PRO, we're able to reach locations that would be inaccessible for a microwave truck, and we can do live shots for a fraction of the cost and hassle of setting up a truck. Since the DMNG PRO and DMNG APP are so easy to use, even for our nontechnical journalists, we can always be news-ready. We can even go live while driving to and from the scene." 

Designed for newsgathering professionals, the AVIWEST DMNG PRO includes eight embedded 3G/4G modems. This gives the system the ability to bond any combination of network interfaces including local cellular and WiFi networks, Ethernet, and satellite for high-quality and reliable video transmission links. In addition to the DMNG PRO's built-in high-efficiency custom antenna array, WPSD is also attaching two AVIWEST QUAD external antenna units, combining eight patented high-efficiency wideband antennas for faster network acquisition and improved signal resilience when the DMNG PRO is used inside a vehicle.

Back in the WPSD station, an AVIWEST DMNG StreamHub receiver, decoder, and distribution platform receives the live video feeds and delivers them to master control for the live broadcast. WPSD is also using the AVIWEST DMNG Manager, which enables the station to manage and control all DMNG PRO and DMNG APP transmissions with a single interface. 

WPSD initially tested the DMNG PRO for recent coverage of widespread flooding. The station was experiencing technical difficulties with its microwave receiver used to acquire live shots from the southern Illinois viewing area. With rising river levels causing evacuations, levee breaches, and road closures, it was not possible to deploy a microwave truck to obtain live shots from southern Illinois. However, using the DMNG PRO, multiple reporters were able to go live from the water's edge during a single newscast. Later, during a snowstorm, news crews were able to report on road conditions from multiple locations by broadcasting live from their vehicles using the DMNG PRO and a GoPro(R) camera. 

"Even with my 33 years of experience, I have never seen anything to compare with the DMNG PRO and the new flexibility we have in covering breaking news. Without having to deploy a truck, we can be much more spontaneous since we don't have to look for high ground that's free of trees or power lines," Spissinger said. "With just a couple of button pushes, we can be up and running to transmit a live shot from anywhere. And for very important stories like the flood, we can send the microwave trucks to other locations and spread our crews wider to give our viewers more comprehensive coverage. The DMNG PRO has opened up a world of new possibilities for live shots not just for breaking news, but also for sports and local events."  

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Image Caption: WPSD reporter Mychaela Brunner and Photographer Chad Darnall at the Paducah riverfront, covering rising river levels with AVIWEST DMNG PRO from VidOvation.

Image Link: www.wallstcom.com/VidOvation/VidOvation_AVIWEST-DMNG-PRO-Spissinger.jpg
Image Caption: Mike Spissinger, Chief Photographer, WPSD, with AVIWEST DMNG PRO from VidOvation

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