WORK Microwave SATELLITE 2017 Exhibitor Preview

At SATELLITE 2017, WORK Microwave will demonstrate how satellite operators can dramatically increase flexibility, bandwidth, and margins while reducing their operational costs by using its portfolio of analog and digital satcom solutions. The latest innovations on display include one of the world's first end-to-end solutions for DVB-S2X wideband transmission and reception.

March 6-9
Washington, D.C.
WORK Microwave -- Booth 633

WORK Microwave devices are deployed by operators worldwide to support a range of applications within the satellite broadcast and satellite communications markets, including SNG/contribution, direct-to-home, IP networking, teleport management, governmental, and more.

Key Products and Technology Demos

A-Series End-to-End DVB-S2X Wideband Transmission and Reception Solution
At SATELLITE 2017, WORK Microwave will demonstrate one of the industry's first end-to-end solutions for wideband transmission and reception. Using the end-to-end DVB-S2X wideband solution, satellite operators can run links with less back off and higher power, boost statmux efficiency, and maximize throughput.

WORK Microwave's Wideband solution includes the A-Series AT-80 wideband broadcast modulator and AR-80 wideband demodulator. Single-carrier operation mode for both units is based on the DVB-S2X standard, allowing the most efficient statistical multiplexing of different services and transmission over high-throughput satellite transponders with guaranteed power efficiency. Ideal for next-generation, high-speed IP-based broadcast and broadband access applications in Ka-, Ku-, Q-, and V-band satellite systems, WORK Microwave's end-to-end wideband solution enables symbol rates of up to 500 Mbps.

A-Series Modem, Modulator and Demodulator
WORK Microwave will display its A-Series AX-60 IP Modem, AR-60 IP Demodulator, and AT-60 IP Modulator high-performance platforms for IP trunking and IP network infrastructure applications. Customizable and scalable, the A-Series can be adapted to any throughput, data analysis method, and other waveforms beyond DVB-S2X, making it perfect for telecommunication companies, internet service providers, teleport operators, government and intelligence agencies, and operators of low orbit (LEO) satellite constellations.

Using the A-Series, operators can transmit and receive DVB-S2X signals with the utmost efficiency and ease of operation. Optimal use cases include high-speed network links (i.e., 100, 200, or 300 Mbps) over satellite, IP-based satellite newsgathering, IP-based contribution and distribution links, connection to and from LEO for earth observation, and reception and analysis of satellite communication. By providing operators with a future-proof, flexible platform for both standardized DVB-S2X and customized satellite communication, the A-Series simplifies the transition toward an all-IP environment.

DVB Modulator OEM Module SDMO
At SATELLITE 2017, WORK Microwave will unveil its all-new DVB Satellite Modulator OEM Module SDMO, a cost-effective, high-performance OEM solution that offers easy integration into any platform. Fully compliant with the next-generation DVB-S2X standard, the board includes advanced features like carrier ID and symbol rates up to 80 Mbps to mitigate satellite interference and strengthen signal integrity.

One of the most compact solutions for use within third-party video encoders and fly-away systems, the board sits at the heart of WORK Microwave's A-Series rack-mount and module-based product line, offering high performance and extremely low power consumption. The entire range of DVB specifications up to DVB-S2X is supported, providing operators with a future-proof solution.

Outdoor V-Band Synthesized Block Downconverter
Ready to support the V-band, spanning 47.2GHz to 51.2GHz, WORK Microwave's synthesized block converters prepare operators to meet the growing consumer demand for high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services. Compared with block converters that have fixed or switchable LO, WORK Microwave's offering includes a tunable LO with 100Hz step size. The frequency bandwidth can be selected by the operator to achieve low spurious emissions. These unique capabilities allow wideband frequency coverage with only one unit, whereas other approaches, i.e., fixed block converters, require several different block converter modules.

Company Overview:

About WORK Microwave (
Headquartered in Holzkirchen (near Munich), Germany, and comprised of four operating divisions -- Satellite Technologies, Navigation Simulators, Defence Electronics, and Sensors and Measurement -- WORK Microwave leverages over 30 years of experience to anticipate market needs and apply an innovative and creative approach to the development of frequency converters, DVB-S2/S2X equipment, and other digital signal processing technologies while maintaining the highest standards for quality, reliability, and performance.

WORK Microwave's Satellite Technologies division develops and manufactures high-performance, advanced satellite communications equipment for telecommunications companies, broadcasters, integrators, and government organizations that are operating satellite earth stations, satellite news gathering vehicles, fly-aways, and other mobile or portable satellite communication solutions.

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WORK Microwave DVB-S2X Wideband Broadcast Modulator
WORK Microwave AX-60 IP Modem
WORK Microwave DVB Modulator OEM Module SDMO
WORK Microwave Outdoor V-Band Synthesized Block Downconverter

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