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Satellite continues to be a reliable and secure way to transmit broadcast and broadband services globally. In fact, almost one in five (18 percent), or 314 million, of the world's TV households now receive FTA satellite services, according to Dataxis.

At IBC2017, WORK Microwave will demonstrate the latest enhancements to its satellite technologies portfolio, including a new high-performance DVB-S2X demodulator for transport stream applications. Using WORK Microwave's analog and satcom solutions, operators can dramatically increase their flexibility, bandwidth, and margins while reducing operational costs.

WORK Microwave devices are deployed by operators worldwide to support a range of applications within the satellite broadcast and satellite communications markets, including SNG/contribution, direct-to-home, IP networking, teleport management, governmental, and more.

Sept. 15-19
WORK Microwave -- 5.A77

Key Products and Technology Demos

NEW AR-61 Demodulator
WORK Microwave is expanding its A-Series IP modem, demodulator, and modulator family at IBC2017 with the introduction of the all-new AR-61 demodulator for transport stream applications.

The AR-61 provides the best DVB-S2X performance on the market for high-quality video transmission with minimal satellite bandwidth occupation. It is ideal for professional video contribution and distribution use cases. Offering compliance with DVB-S2X, DVB-S2, and DVB-S, the platform is entirely future-proof, enabling seamless migration to next-gen infrastructures and evolution to advanced functionalities for operators relying on legacy standards. Upgrades are made easy via software licensing.

For operators looking to transition to all-IP, WORK Microwave also offers the AX-60 IP modem, AR-60 IP demodulator, and AT-60 IP modulator high-performance platforms for IP trunking and network infrastructure applications.

NEW Integration Between AT-60 IP/AT-80 Wideband Modulator and Encapsulator
Operators now have the option to integrate WORK Microwave's AT-60 IP modulator and AT-80 wideband modulator with an encapsulator and IP routing system for large-scale VSAT systems. This integrated solution scales to every type of satellite network, from small networks with five remotes, up to the largest networks encompassing tens of thousands of remotes. Designed with flexibility in mind, WORK Microwave's solution is based on a pay-as-you-grow business model, can scale up or down to support any operator's requirements, and is completely customizable in terms of adapting to existing infrastructures. Embedded Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) enables each remote to operate at its most efficient coding and modulation scheme.

Compact Satellite Up- and Downconverter Enhanced With C- and X-Band Support
Based on customer feedback, WORK Microwave has added C- and X-Band support to its integrated, compact, and cost-effective frequency converter. Ideal for satellite operators, integrators, and teleports working in classical bands, WORK Microwave's compact converter is operational in C-, X-, and IF frequency bands, allowing users to support multiple simultaneous channels in one unit to save significant rack space and costs. WORK Microwave also offers a traditional modular converter series suited for higher frequency applications, including Ku-, Ka-, Q-, and V-bands.

Company Overview:

About WORK Microwave (
Headquartered in Holzkirchen (near Munich), Germany, and comprised of four operating divisions -- Satellite Technologies, Navigation Simulators, Defence Electronics, and Sensors and Measurement -- WORK Microwave leverages over 30 years of experience to anticipate market needs and apply an innovative and creative approach to the development of frequency converters, DVB-S2/S2X equipment, and other digital signal processing technologies while maintaining the highest standards for quality, reliability, and performance.

WORK Microwave's Satellite Technologies division develops and manufactures high-performance, advanced satellite communications equipment for telecommunications companies, broadcasters, integrators, and government organizations that are operating satellite earth stations, satellite news gathering vehicles, fly-aways, and other mobile or portable satellite communication solutions.

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WORK Microwave AR-61 Demodulator
WORK Microwave Modulators With Integrated IP Encapsulation
WORK Microwave Compact Frequency Converter

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