Wisycom's Custom RF Solutions Prove to Be Game Changer for Tonemesa Owner Daniel S. McCoy, CAS

LOS ANGELES, MARCH 22, 2016 — Sound Engineer Daniel S. McCoy CAS, owner and operator of ToneMesa, Inc., a Los Angeles based location and post-production audio company strives for perfection. McCoy believes that in order to be the best, you have to use the best, which is why he now relies on Wisycom, designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, for his wireless needs.

For over a decade, McCoy had been waiting for Wisycom to arrive in the United States, and when the company landed in New York in April 2014, ToneMesa was the first in line to adopt and test Wisycom’s game changing products. McCoy and his team at ToneMesa, including Peter Ølsted, Adam Lawrence and Jesse Parker, have all loved using the advanced RF technology of the Wisycom systems.

“Through my 20 years of field experience, Wisycom equipment has the best possible radio frequency sound I have ever heard,” says McCoy. “Wisycom’s cutting edge technology is adaptable, provides more front end sensitivity, and has a much wider dynamic range and more frequency choices than any other manufacturer out there.  Wisycom understands that the audio has to sound as good as possible to be called professional. Their digital packets go up to 96 kHz, double the sampling frequency; it’s just a wonderful system to work with, and I am thrilled to have Wisycom in my inventory.”

McCoy recently used his Wisycom gear on a commercial in Australia for the Duplass Brothers. “Mark and Jay [Duplass] were so excited about the results of the commercial, they asked me to come join them to work on a series of feature films,” adds McCoy.  “Wisycom products will benefit all their productions, whether they are feature films for Netflix or TV shows, regardless of how remote or populated the location. With Wisycom, I know that I will be able to find the frequency I need to get the quality frequency response and fidelity sound that comes with the system’s flexibility and engineering. I look forward to collaborating with the Duplass Brothers in April on our first feature together entitled, Take Me.”

Along with his Wisycom gear, McCoy also uses DPA microphones and Sound Devices recorders to capture the dynamic audio that has become his trademark. “Wisycom sounds the best, mic for mic, recorder for recorder, and when your Wisycom system is between DPA and Sound Devices’ products, you’re going to get the best performance,” adds McCoy. “Wisycom is the Lamborghini of sound. The devices look good, sound good, and give the user tools that no other wireless manufacturer has invented yet. It’s just a really beautiful industry advantage.”

About Wisycom

Wisycom is a designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, renowned for their durability, flexibility, reliability, practicality and cost-effective price points. Wisycom’s design process is driven by attention to detail, customer feedback and ultimate quality, from the selection of components to the manufacturing process, which takes place at the company’s Italian plants. The company prides itself on serving as a technical advisor and partner to every customer. From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems, the Wisycom team stands by its customers through every step of the process. For more information, please visit www.wisycom.com