What to expect at NAB 2019 - Will 2019 Be the Year of Voice?

BroadView Software, the industry-leading, media management solutions tech firm for over 20 years is proud to be a long-standing participant at NAB. Along with their regular dispatches ahead of the show, BroadView Software Founder and CEO, Michael Atkin, shares the top trends he sees emerging at this year’s show - the hits, the misses, and what he anticipates will be the most talked about topics at the NAB convention.

Last year Atkin predicted that the talk of the floor would be around the Convergence of Content. This year, he sees a shift to the ‘Connection of Voice’, through increasing demand for AI and voice recognition, which supports the functionality of AI. In his latest video dispatches, he discusses the future of broadcasting, the inevitable rewrite of the advertising rule book, and his excitement for the opportunities 5G will bring, changing the communication and connectivity landscape, globally.

Take note, Atkin suggests, because these are the conversations that you’ll want to lean into, and perhaps, provide your own insights on, at the show:

1. The rise of Voice: Star Trek wasn’t too far off with their voice-activated tools. It will only be a matter of time before voice propagates in the broadcast and software world, specifically how we interact with software. Soon, traffic managers will be making changes in programming software, simply by giving a command using the power of their voice. Just don’t expect studio camera’s to be voice activated...yet.

2. Behind every good voice, is good AI: The connection of voice and AI is becoming more and more ubiquitous. We often forget that there is a powerful AI engine behind voice technology and with increasing use, it keeps getting better and better.

3. The Push to 5G: 5G will change the paradigm for how we consume content. In his latest blog, he questions if we will even need a cable provider or telecom company to provide what we now understand as connectivity?

4. Continued movement towards apps and OTT: Broadcasters want one simple thing: a direct relationship with their consumers. Having direct access to metricsis a massive game-changer for producers and content providers.

5. The Struggle around advertising: Television remains a compelling advertising medium because advertisers can easily reach a lot of people in very little time. Monetizing consumer touchpointsis sure to be a topic of conversation.

Moving into the overhyped category, in his latest blog Atkin describes why he believes the hype around the latest and greatest television screens is failing to drive mass market adoption of the technology – be it VR, 8K, flat, thin, and even, roll-up monitors.

When asked what conversation he’s most excited to discuss at NAB this year, Atkin enthusiastically exclaims, “5G! Because it’s going to completely change the dynamic for how we interact with our world. And for us at BroadView Software, it’s very exciting, because of the demand that that will be placed upon us with the delivery of increasing content libraries, because they need substantial bandwidth, and we’re going to be able to deliver confidently, because of 5G.”

So,what about the big hype last year around the convergence of content? Atkin proclaims, “It’s still a major driver in the broadcast space, and BroadView is a major player. As a content management platform, BroadView Software can accelerate a broadcaster’s expansion into OTT, ON Demand, VOD, and other delivery platforms.

You can read a more detailed assessment on the state and future of broadcasting here. If you want to share your thoughts on any of these topics, of if you want to explore how BroadView’s On Demand Software can improve your broadcast operations, feel free to book an appointment.

You are invited to visit Michael Atkin and theBroadView team at the show, booth N5218

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AboutMichael Atkin, Founder and CEO, BroadView Software

Michael Atkin founded BroadView Software over 25 years ago to offer media management and scheduling solutions to the broadcast industry. Michael launched BroadView by developing pay-per-view systems in the 1980s, a precursor to today’s burgeoning OnDemand market. Under Atkin's leadership, BroadView pioneered the unified database architecture for the IT-based broadcast infrastructure. This enables enormous efficiencies through workflow innovation.

In 2005, Atkin, along with partner Sean Leyne, he turned his focus to the emerging OnDemand ecosystem. Thanks to their early development and investment in this sphere, BroadView is now best known as a leading worldwide provider of information-management solutions for today's multiplatform media environment. When he’s not in the office, Michael likes to spend his free time exploring land, sea and air, taking up his hobbies of motorcycling, scuba diving, and gliding.

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