Wazee Digital Extends Agreement With Amazon Web Services and Transfers Operations to the AWS Cloud

DENVER — Nov. 2, 2017 — Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services, today announced it has extended its technology contract with Amazon Web Services (AWS) well beyond hosted storage to include AWS ingest, content discovery, and computing. With this extension, all Wazee Digital products and operations will run on AWS. By ensuring its solutions support AWS, Wazee Digital can provide customers with more flexibility in terms of workflow, scale, and performance.

"Without a doubt, AWS is an industry-leading company in media and entertainment. That is why we have gone all-in with AWS — a cloud platform we have long trusted and one that almost all M&E and sports customers prefer," said Harris Morris, CEO of Wazee Digital. "By building on our long-standing relationship with AWS, we can offer our partners and customers even more benefits, including massive scalability, increased reliability, and robust infrastructure. The beauty is we can leverage superior technology solutions that either reside or are being built on the AWS Cloud, allowing us to develop industry-leading media asset management solutions specifically for the world's foremost content rights owners."

Wazee Digital is migrating more than 5 petabytes of data and hundreds of web servers to the AWS Cloud, with more data being ingested all the time. By migrating from its on-premises environment to AWS, Wazee Digital will be able to redirect significant resources from operating, maintaining, and scaling its own infrastructure to more quickly innovating and delivering its unique services to customers. AWS Snowball service will allow Wazee Digital to quickly and securely migrate its petabytes of data assets to the AWS Cloud, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier will allow Wazee Digital to durably and cost effectively store these assets, and elastically and virtually limitlessly scale the processing and delivery of these assets to their customers.

Bill Vass, vice president, AWS Storage, Amazon Web Services, Inc., summed up what this means for the relationship and joint customers: "We're excited to extend our collaboration with Wazee Digital, and to bring the full value of AWS infrastructure and services — combined with their video management, delivery, and licensing services — to more of their customers' video applications."

At the same time, Wazee Digital benefits from no longer having to manage, run, and invest in the day-to-day operations, technology monitoring, technology refresh, technology scaling, and other obligations that come with an on-premises environment.

Since 2013, Wazee Digital has relied on AWS for storing assets and associated metadata, which are managed by Wazee Digital Core, the company's media asset management system and the foundation of all its services and capabilities. With this contract extension, Wazee Digital takes advantage of other services on the AWS Cloud, including AWS Snowball for ingest, AWS Lambda for content discovery, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for compute.

More information about Wazee Digital's products and services is available at www.wazeedigital.com.

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Wazee Digital enables rights holders to monetize and enrich their valuable content. Wazee Digital's scalable solutions provide complete control over content so that assets reach their rightful audiences around the globe. It is the only asset management solution built from the ground up to run natively in the cloud, and the only one to make live moments available immediately for global publishing, syndication, advertising, and sponsorship. With more than 10 years of experience in digital content licensing, rights, and clearances, Wazee Digital has long-standing relationships with significant rights holders in the film, TV, sports, and advertising industries — all of whom rely on Wazee Digital for managing content that fuels their business.

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