Volicon at IBC2016

Sept. 9-13, Amsterdam
Stand 7.G23

Verizon Digital Media Services Acquisition
Since last year's show in Amsterdam, Volicon has joined the Verizon Digital Media Services family in an acquisition that complements the companies' mutual target markets, particularly in the broadcast, network, and affiliate segments. Today, Volicon and Verizon are working together to provide support and enhance Volicon's existing solutions and services. The companies also are leveraging Volicon's industry-leading video capture, archive, compliance monitoring, and clip-creation technology to provide broadcasters with an even broader range of tools with which to bring high-quality content to the Internet quickly via OTT cloud-based delivery models. 

Share Application Enhancements
The Share application for Volicon's Observer Media Intelligence Platform® accelerates the content-generation workflow by facilitating fast, simple clipping and extraction of timely, high-value content for video editors with any level of experience. During the IBC2016 Show, Volicon will demonstrate how recent enhancements including ad clipping, concatenation, and publishing functionality further streamline rapid repurposing of aired content for broadcast, video-on-demand (VOD), and digital and social media outlets. 

Observer 8.0 Support for SCTE 35/104
At IBC2016, Volicon will showcase the Observer 8.0 platform's robust tools for monitoring the SCTE 35 and SCTE 104 messages that enable accurate and flexible digital program insertion (DPI). Building on the Observer platform's well-established ability to capture, monitor, and display DPI messages, enhancements in Observer 8.0 introduce valuable capture and analysis capabilities that empower users to comprehensively monitor and help set up DPI commands and messages throughout the program creation and distribution chain. 

Observer 8.0 users now can capture SCTE 104 messages in real time directly from both compressed and uncompressed video signals and store them alongside a frame-accurate recording of the video stream; record SCTE 35 messages in conjunction with transport stream video and audio packets at any point along the distribution chain; and display SCTE 35 and 104 messages gathered from multiple points along a distribution path on a common timeline, with the signals time-aligned to compensate for any delays along the path. While these capabilities greatly simplify verification of the accuracy and timeliness of DPI messages in both the compressed and uncompressed domains, automatically generated, easy-to-interpret histograms (bar charts) along a timeline allow events to be counted and categorized by event type. 

Observer OTT
Volicon's Observer OTT provides networks, video service providers, and broadcasters with a solution for logging and monitoring OTT services that stream content to computers, tablets, and smartphones. With the same suite of tools already proven for set-top box and transport stream monitoring, Observer OTT offers a complete, cost-effective quality monitoring and/or compliance logging solution for multiplatform media delivery. Users can ensure that services are available 24/7 at optimal quality, validate service level agreements with content delivery networks, confirm the presence of captioning and other metadata, and determine that specialized apps are providing optimal quality of experience. In addition to providing a true recording of services, the system facilitates remote viewing for review as well as in-depth analysis of both unencrypted and encrypted content. 

During IBC2016, Volicon will demonstrate how Observer OTT ingests content from each point in the OTT pipeline including a variety of target mobile devices not only to provide a valuable look at how consumers experience streamed content, but also to speed isolation and resolution of quality issues for content viewed on various devices.

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Enhancements to Volicon's Multiviewer

Path Monitoring of Both Linear and OTT Feeds With Multiviewer Option
Today's broadcaster must manage an increasing number of channels and platforms while simultaneously maintaining the highest levels of service quality. Volicon's Multiviewer option for the Observer Media Intelligence Platform® unites the platform's recording capability with multiviewer functionality to give users access to multiple live or recorded programs, complemented by frame-accurate data, on a monitor wall or any employee's desktop.

At IBC2016, Volicon will demonstrate how enhancements to the Multiviewer option enable users to keep their eyes and ears on every channel in the broadcast delivery chain, including OTT feeds, through a new and improved graphical interface. The company will feature the option's new Traffic Light dashboard, which gives each user convenient red-light and green-light status indicators for a customizable grouping of select channels, OTT streams, and renditions of OTT streams, or user-defined sets of channels and/or streams. Shown in a configurable window within the Multiviewer display, along with other windows showing audio, video, and data for specified channels and streams, the Traffic Light widget effectively consolidates and displays the QoE-based alerts most important to an individual user.

The new Path Monitoring widget extends visibility into channel- and stream-quality monitoring in another way, allowing users to create and customize a topology for specific channel/stream status validation at every point along the content creation or distribution path. Users can build simple or complex topologies that clearly show that status of links along this path, as well as video from each live channel/stream at key points so that the source of issues can more quickly be identified and isolated for troubleshooting.

Company Overview:

Volicon is the leading provider of enterprise media intelligence solutions serving the needs of broadcasters, networks, cable operators, and governments worldwide. The Observer® Media Intelligence Platform" provides powerful tools for content creation and repurposing, compliance monitoring, ad verification, competitive analysis, and quality-of-service monitoring. Volicon solutions are used by all stakeholders in the media enterprise from engineering to the executive suite. Volicon systems are deployed by more than 1,200 customers in more than 65 countries worldwide. Volicon is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. In March 2016, Volicon was acquired by Verizon Digital Media Services, now a part of AOL. More information is available at www.volicon.com.

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