Volicon Celebrates the Season With Third Annual Holiday-Themed Webinar Series

Five 30-Minute Webinars Offer Cheery Look at Issues Solved and Opportunities Afforded by Observer Media Intelligence Platform, Plus Daily Prize Drawings

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- Nov. 20, 2014 -- Volicon today announced that its annual five-part holiday-themed webinar series based on the company's Observer Media Intelligence Platform(TM) will run Dec. 8-12, with each 30-minute presentation beginning at 11 a.m. EST. Topics will include accelerating promo creation, leveraging aired content across applications and departments effectively, assuring closed-captioning compliance, and repurposing and remonetizing content across platforms and markets quickly and cost-effectively. Prizes will be awarded via a random drawing following the Q&A at the end of each webinar.

Monday, Dec. 8: "Baby, It's Promo Time"
How to Create Promos Quickly and Efficiently With Volicon

By giving stations an immediate and engaging way to demonstrate that they provide timely news coverage and reporting, promos can enhance credibility and help drive ratings higher. Conventional promo-creation workflows have demanded that the promotion manager assign a staff member to record a broadcast and then follow through and actually trigger the recording. This is an unreliable process, and even when content is recorded successfully, it can take days to access the right video, edit it, and complete a promo.

Andrew Sachs, vice president of product management at Volicon, will discuss how a leading broadcaster has used the Observer(R) system to aid in creating several Emmy(R) Award-winning promos for news coverage, and how station group viewership jumped as a result.

Prize: Bose SoundTouch 20 Wi-Fi music system

Tuesday, Dec. 9: "Walking in a Volicon Wonderland"
What Our Media Intelligence Platform Can Do for You

The transition to digital, the rapidly rising number of channels and outlets, the explosion in regulatory requirements, and the growing importance of data all make real-time access to the broadcast product and related metadata a significant benefit across the media enterprise. Addressing media companies' need for real-time, enterprise-wide access to the broadcast product, Volicon developed its Media Intelligence Platform to help companies leverage video, audio, and data for critical applications in areas ranging from engineering to the executive suite. 

Keith DesRosiers, director of solutions engineering at Volicon, will provide a thorough overview of the Media Intelligence Platform and conclude with a brief overview of use cases, including compliance logging, content archiving, content repurposing for new media outlets, competitive analysis, producer and talent evaluation, ad verification and media sales, and executive review of content.

Prize: Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother, with Nespresso Variety Pack Capsules

Wednesday, Dec. 10: "The FCC Is Coming to Town"
Assuring Compliance With Revised Loudness and Closed-Captioning Quality Requirements

While there will most certainly be grace periods for new regulations, broadcasters, networks, and MVPDs should ensure they are fully cognizant of the shifting requirements and address the issues now. During this webinar, Sachs will discuss recent regulatory updates with respect to closed-captioning quality and loudness, as well as the Volicon solutions that meet both these compliance challenges. He will discuss how broadcasters and VPDs must not only pursue best-practices with their captioning providers, but also deploy their own monitoring procedures to ensure caption quality and compliance. Looking at loudness, Sachs also will explain the recent ATSC A/85:2013 update, including BS-1770-3, and recommended measurements for ensuring the compliance of stereo tracks downmixed from good original 5.1 tracks.

Prize: Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

Thursday, Dec. 11: "It's the Most Wonderful Time to Use Volicon"
A Quick Discussion of Some Interesting Volicon Use Cases

Volicon's Media Intelligence Platform streams live and logged video, complemented by valuable metadata, to any device at any time. With this innovative solution, media companies can leverage video, audio, and data for critical applications in areas ranging from engineering to the executive suite. DesRosiers will review the many ways Volicon's Media Intelligence Platform brings value to broadcast operations. Some use cases that he'll describe include ad verification, content repurposing for multiple platforms, compliance with loudness and closed-captioning regulations, rapid promo creation, competitive comparison and analysis, NAVE code verification, proactive transmission monitoring, media monitoring, audio monitoring, executive oversight (anytime, anywhere), and centralized remote monitoring.

Prize: iPad mini(TM)

Friday, Dec. 12: "Oh Come, All Ye Content Creators"
How Using Volicon for Content Generation Speeds Stories to Air

To remain competitive, broadcasters must provide content anytime, anywhere, and in a variety of formats while balancing production time with other day-to-day responsibilities. By maximizing the use of valuable archived content and tailoring content produced for one medium for use with another, broadcasters can build new revenue streams. If done effectively, this work does not compromise production schedules, but rather allows the broadcaster to reach different audiences, reduce time to air, and maintain their competitive edge.

Sachs will discuss Volicon's unique approach toward content repurposing and how Observer eases the transition of content to the Web and other outlets. He will explain how major broadcasters are using Volicon for content repurposing, how to monetize repurposed content and gain a competitive edge, and how -- through scaled content production -- repurposing can extend the lifespan of existing content and stretch content applicability.

Prize: GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition

Attendees that watch all five webinars are eligible to be entered to win the grand prize, an Xbox One(TM), or PlayStation 4.

More information about the webinars, including registration and the daily prizes, is available at http://www.volicon.com/homefortheholidays/webinars.html. 

Information about Volicon's complete product portfolio is available at www.volicon.com.

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