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In a Volatile Year for Media & Entertainment, Mediamorph Builds Momentum with New Products, Revenue Growth and Additional Blue Chip Customers

NEW YORK— Oct 14, 2015 - Mediamorph, the choice of every major Film Studio, announced it has experienced tremendous growth with renewed focus on accelerating the digital supply chain. “Our latest products are improving how companies manage licenses, title availability and pricing,” said Mediamorph CEO, Rob Gardos. ”The largest companies in the industry have chosen Mediamorph to solve the growing challenges of digital distribution and ultimately using our products to drive more revenue.”

Mediamorph’s Blue Chip customers include: 
• 8 of the Top 8 Film and TV Studios
• 4 of the Top 4 Premium Cable Networks
• 7 of the Top 10 Basic Cable Networks
• 4 of the Top 7 Video Service Operators

A key aspect to Mediamorph’s products is its underlying industry-leading data management platform.

Mediamorph’s platform tracks:
• Greater than 50% of all EST and VOD revenue worldwide
• 600 platforms and data sources globally
• Over 100B videos per year

“Creating an agile offering is yet another advancement in equipping studios with critical marketplace data to help them better understand and grow their businesses," said Amy Jo Smith, President, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group. "Mediamorph's data management platform is a helpful tool that provides useful data of consumer purchases of movies and television shows in a rapidly growing digital market."

Mediamorph’s new Studio Connect and Offer Management products allow both Studios and Operators to accelerate the digital supply chain with powerful tools to reduce bottlenecks and increase efficiency. Studio Connect empowers content providers to streamline pricing, promotion and licensing interactions with their distribution partners. It is integrated into Mediamorph’s contract, data management and royalties modules to deliver end-to-end licensing and validation. Additionally, Studios can publish title avails via the EMA Avails spec, a growing industry standard, as well as other vendor-specific formats.

Offer Management maximizes storefront revenue through streamlined EST & VOD title management. Users can collaboratively curate titles and use powerful pricing tools to increase the value generated from ‘shelf space’. Mediamorph remains committed to helping the industry solve Supply Chain issues through better tools and automation and is investing heavily in this area.

About Mediamorph:
Mediamorph’s cloud-based platform and data management services help studios, networks, and operators manage contracts, rights, and title avails, track content performance, and calculate royalties. We help Media and Entertainment companies to prosper in a rapidly changing environment. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators use Mediamorph.

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Media Contact:
Tim Rottach
VP of Marketing