The Vitec Group at CABSAT 2018

CABSAT 2018 Show Preview
Vitec Group
Stand ZB4-B20
Jan. 14-16, Dubai World Trade Center

The Vitec Group at CABSAT 2018

In the spotlight on the Vitec Group's stand at CABSAT 2018 will be the latest innovations from the company's extensive range of premium branded products and services for broadcast, film, and photographic professionals. Highlights include Litepanels' new Gemini 2x1 soft panel and its Astra and Sola LED lighting families; the Vinten Vantage robotic camera head and μVRC controller; Intelligent Prompting, the industry's first fully IP-enabled teleprompting solution; and the IBC2017 triple-award-winning flowtech™ 75 tripod — the newest joint venture between leading brands Sachtler and Vinten, global industry leaders in camera supports for more than 100 years.

Additionally, the Vitec Group will have a significant presence on Canon's booth (ZB6-A20), where Canon will be lighting its sets with Gemini and using two Vinten Vantage robotic camera heads.

Vinten: Vantage, μVRC Controller, and Hexagon Tracks
Vinten's Vantage is a compact and lightweight robotic camera head that offers unmatched flexibility and broadcast-quality movement and control at the same price point as a traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera head. Vantage enables customers to choose the camera and lens that meet their requirements, and it supports a wide range of pro-video camcorders from a variety of manufacturers including Canon and Sony, as well as both full-servo and manual lens types.

As the first controller of its kind, the μVRC sis the perfect complement to the Vantage, giving the camera head even greater versatility and flexibility for enterprise video capture. The μVRC controller allows studios and venues of any size to control high-end robotics and third-party PTZs. When paired with the Vantage, the μVRC offers users a complete robotic solution. Another of Vinten's renowned robotic solutions is Hexagon Tracks — an advanced robotic camera dolly and track system that enables fast setup and easy assembly with no cables outside of the track. Hexagon Tracks is ideal for both high-end news studios and outside broadcast rental setups, such as concerts and sporting events. At CABAST 2018, Vinten will showcase its HD-VRC control system controlling not only Hexagon Tracks, but also the company's FH-145 robotic head and FE-165 elevation unit.

Autoscript: Intelligent Prompting
Autoscript's Intelligent Prompting products will be showing for the first time in the Middle East at CABSAT 2018, with the EPIC-IP17 teleprompter displaying scripts sent over IP from WinPlus-IP prompting software.

Winner of a 2017 NAB Best of Show award, Intelligent Prompting is the broadcast industry's first completely IP-enabled, end-to-end teleprompting solution. Intelligent Prompting completely reinvents prompting workflows so that devices can be located anywhere, delivering the ease of use and foolproof redundancy that modern broadcast operations need. The inclusion of video outputs/inputs allows users to transition to IP at their own pace, while significant hardware improvements further enhance the solution. Since Intelligent Prompting units require no counterbalance in most situations, they are up to 50 percent lighter than prompting solutions that do require counterbalance. Combined with increased stability, this weight reduction eases payload issues for camera supports and makes the on-camera teleprompters ideal for robotic installations.

Litepanels: All-New Gemini
At CABSAT 2018, the Vitec Group's Litepanels brand will showcase Gemini, the industry's most accurate and agile softlight. Launched last fall at IBC2017, Gemini is an all-new 2x1 RGB-WW soft panel that combines daylight, tungsten, and red-green-blue LEDs with flexible, precise color adjustment for the industry's most accurate full-spectrum white light. The addition of daylight and tungsten means lighting professionals can reliably achieve exceptional color and realistic skin tones — eliminating the need for color correction and saving postproduction time and money.

Litepanels: Astra 6X Bi-Color, Astra Bi-Focus Daylight, and Sola 6+ LED Lighting
Litepanels' next-generation Astra 6X Bi-Color LED lights will be on display at CABSAT 2018. Building on the quality and popularity of the innovative Astra 1x1 panel, the next-generation panels now feature a 50 percent increase in output with reduced power consumption for longer battery run time. This means the new Astra 6X is six times brighter than the original 1x1 version. The Litepanels Astra Bi-Focus Daylight is a versatile, lightweight LED panel — and the newest addition to the popular Astra family of LED panels, which gives users the ability to adjust from a 48° flood to a 15° concentrated quality of light with a turn of a dial.

Litepanels will also showcase its daylight-balanced Sola 6+ Fresnel lights. The Sola range of LEDs provides cool daylight illumination with the unique ability to control both focus and intensity via standard DMX 512 protocol and without the heat generation of a traditional Fresnel.

Litepanels: Brick and Lykos LEDS
The Litepanels Brick is a compact and powerful variable-color LED light that can withstand the elements. Following the familiar Litepanels rectangular form factor, the Brick incorporates premium-quality, high-CRI, surface-mount LEDs paired with custom designed TIR optics. As a bi-color, IP-65 rated LED, the Brick is the perfect on-camera solution for ENG camera operators on the go or needing full-spectrum lighting during wet conditions.

Litepanels will also display its Lykos daylight and bi-color LED lights. These compact, lightweight, and ergonomic lights offer the best portable solution for the photographer and videographer. Users can maximize Lykos' potential by using them in combination with the Lykos LED softbox for superior diffusion. Each Lykos LED panel is fully compatible with Manfrotto Digital Director when used with the Lykos Bluetooth® Dongle.

Sachtler and Vinten: flowtech™ 75 and flowtech™ Carbon-Fiber Camera Tripod Technology
With three award wins at IBC2017, there is much interest in flowtech™ 75, a revolutionary new tripod that simplifies and accelerates camera operators' workflows with instant and easy setup, versatile height range, and exceptional torsional stiffness. Compatible with all major 75 mm fluid heads, flowtech 75 tripods offer a set of two-stage, carbon-fiber legs with an easy-to-remove midlevel spreader, rubber feet, and a payload capacity of 20 kilograms (44 pounds). Unique quick-release brakes at the top of the tripod make it possible to deploy all legs simultaneously and adjust them to the ground's surface automatically, eliminating the need for operators to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg.

Lightweight and easy to transport, flowtech 75 is designed to be carried comfortably on the camera operator's shoulder, with magnetic locks that ensure the tripod legs remain stable during transport. The versatile flowtech 75 can be deployed as low as 26 centimeters (10 inches) and as high as 153 centimeters (60 inches) without the detachable spreader, and between 63 centimeters (25 inches) and 157 centimeters (62 inches) with the spreader.

A Snapshot of Vitec Group
Vitec Group plc is a leading global provider of premium branded products and services to the fast-changing and growing "image capture and sharing" market. In the broadcast industry, Vitec brings together some of the most respected, innovative, and sought-after brands: Anton/Bauer, Autocue, Autoscript, Bexel, Camera Corps, Litepanels, OConnor, OffHollywood, Paralinx, Sachtler, SmallHD, Teradek, The Camera Store, Wooden Camera, and Vinten.

Vitec Group's customers include broadcasters, independent content creators, photographers and enterprises, and our activities comprise of: design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance products and software including camera supports, wireless systems, robotic camera systems, prompters, LED lights, mobile power, monitors and bags; and premium services including technical solutions, systems integration and equipment rental for TV production teams, film crews and enterprises.

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"At Vitec Group we're proud to deliver fully integrated, IP-based broadcast solutions, including automated camera control and prompting. We're looking to the future of broadcast, and we're excited to bring our vision and innovation to visitors of CABSAT 2018. A prime example is the Gemini, a category-defining new lighting solution from our Litepanels brand that is specifically designed to light television and film projects."
— Dave Dougall, vice president of sales, EMEA, Vitec Group


Caption: Vinten Vantage Robotic Camera Head

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