To Power Audience-Based Cross-Screen Upfront Deals For Advertisers, VideoAmp Teams With Leading TV Programmers & OTT Platforms

Heading into its second year of automating key processes in the TV and over the top (OTT) upfronts, VideoAmp is partnering with TV programmers and OTT platforms A+E Networks, AMC Networks, Sony Crackle Plus Network, and Tubi. On behalf of advertisers, VideoAmp’s goal is to seamlessly integrate the cross-screen inventory avails and campaign exposure data needed to optimize brand marketing investment against business outcomes like site and store visits, conversions, and sales lift -- a critical issue at the forefront of this year’s upfronts.

“Last year, we helped advertisers go beyond age and gender and use data to plan their linear TV upfront investment by knowing how much to spend with each supply-side partner, and why, at a granular level. This year, by working with supply-side partners to gain access to OTT and digital data, we will help advertisers take the next step -- intelligently allocating their investment across all TV screens and optimizing for the most effective audiences,” said Ross McCray, co-founder & CEO, VideoAmp. “We’re evolving the upfronts to be cross-screen by enabling holistic inventory packaging for better allocation in the scatter TV and OTT markets later in the year. When brands can measure and optimize their commitments against their desired business results, the industry can leave conventional vanity metrics behind and focus on delivering value.”

With growing data sophistication, advertisers are focused on new forms of audience targeting for conventional, linear TV. The availability of new TV viewership data makes it possible for advertisers to buy TV time against audiences that are in-market for their goods or services -- as they have been buying digital media for 20+ years -- and, for the first time, allocate their investment across packaged cross-screen inventory that is optimized to their business goals. TV programmers and OTT platforms are integrating with VideoAmp for this year’s upfronts, NewFronts, and fall scatter TV markets to help these data-driven advertisers plan, buy, and measure their conventional, linear TV investment’s impact against meaningful business outcomes.

Supply-side partner integration into VideoAmp’s platform will enable agency, brand strategy, and investment teams to plan, buy, and measure their sell-side partners’ cross-screen inventory using advanced targeting and automated processes for this upfront, and for the scatter TV, programmatic TV, connected TV and digital video markets in 2019 and beyond. Fueling cross-screen advertising plans with actionable insights will help advertisers deliver both the business outcomes and cost efficiencies that businesses require.

“We understand the importance of working closely with our brand and agency partners to help them make unification a reality for targeting and measuring households across all video screens,” said Darren Olive, VP Advanced Video National Sales, Sony Crackle Plus Network. “By enabling VideoAmp, we can help agencies improve measurement and performance for their brand clients and take a big step toward connecting all screens and households.”

“With advertisers seeking to reach their consumers across all video screens, AMC Networks’ inventory will be available for brands to transact with the performance and on-target reach they need to deliver meaningful business outcomes,” said Adam Gaynor, Vice President of AMCN Agility. “AMCN’s relationship with VideoAmp creates a path forward to more unified monetization and measurement of cross-screen audiences.”

“A+E Networks is committed to the growth of the marketplace through evolution, more data, and collaborative partnerships delivering the best possible products and outcomes for brands and viewers,” said Jason DeMarco, Vice President, Programmatic & Audience Solutions, A+E Networks. “Together with VideoAmp, we can deliver top quality advertising, data and audiences through best in class content.”

"We feel the most urgent need for brand advertisers is how to plan for incremental reach to their target audiences, particularly as more investment is moving to the OTT space,” said Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer, Tubi. “By integrating Tubi's inventory into VideoAmp's cross-screen planning tool, agencies are able to see their opportunity to reach their targets across linear TV and OTT in one place."

VideoAmp is working with several brands and agencies to use advanced, in-market audiences and map advertising investment to business outcomes. Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is a first mover, leveraging VideoAmp to support the planning and measurement portions of its Omni platform, a people-based precision marketing and insights platform designed to identify and define personalized consumer experiences at scale across creative, media, CRM as well as other Omnicom practice areas.

About VideoAmp

VideoAmp is a rapidly growing company challenging marketing and media paradigms to maximize value for brands, publishers, and ultimately consumers. Our software and data solutions empower all ecosystem participants to identify, measure, and execute on the metrics that matter. By optimizing TV and digital media investments toward tangible business outcomes, we aim to transform the entire industry. VideoAmp is backed by Mediaocean, RTL Group and six other top venture capital firms. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.