Video Devices PIX-LR Audio Interface for PIX-E Series Now Shipping

REEDSBURG, WI, MARCH 14, 2016Video Devices  is pleased to announce that the PIX-LR audio interface for the PIX-E Series of recording monitors is now shipping worldwide. The PIX-LR is an optional accessory that provides the PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, and PIX-E7 monitors with XLR inputs and outputs. It also features signature Sound Devices-designed mic preamps, accurate LED metering, and dedicated transport and gain controls. 

“We are excited to announce that our lineup of industry-leading video products continues to grow with the addition of the PIX-LR,” says Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design, Sound Devices, LLC. “The PIX-LR is a result of the hard work and dedication of our designers and engineers, and further proof of our commitment to providing the professional video industry with world-class audio.”

The PIX-LR easily and securely mounts to the bottom of any PIX-E Series monitor via a ¼-inch 20 thread screw. Constructed from die-cast aluminum, the PIX-LR derives power from the monitor to which it is attached. It also offers two dedicated gain controls and illuminated, 23-segment LED metering.

Other features include two extremely low-noise, wide-gain XLR-3F connections for active-balanced, analog mic-level inputs (1 and 2), and two standard, 3-pin XLR-3M connections for balanced, analog outputs. Large dedicated backlit transport controls for record, stop, play, fast forward and rewind. PIX-LR also comes equipped with high-quality limiters with LED indication to prevent distortion, as well as high-pass filters for reducing unwanted low frequencies such as wind noise. Additionally, for fast level control, the PIX-LR has dedicated gain controls, which may be recessed when not in use. Inputs 1 and 2 may be linked for stereo level and pan control. The audio interface also supports 48V phantom power for condenser mics.

“The PIX-LR is a great way to bring our renowned Sound Devices audio integrity into our Video Devices products line,” adds Isaacs. “It’s just another testament to our customer-focused product development.”

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