Video Clarity's RTM and ClearView Now Include Built-in Decoding of Dolby(R) Digital Audio

New Functionality Streamlines Critical Quality Testing for SDI or IP Video Streams Containing Dolby Digital Audio; Bypasses Need for External Decoding Device 

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- Nov. 6, 2014 -- Video Clarity Inc., provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, today announced that its RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solution and ClearView line of video quality analyzers now provide built-in decoding of Dolby(R) Digital audio in SDI or IP video streams and files. With this new capability, both the RTM and ClearView systems offer an efficient and cost-effective method for media enterprises to run critical test parameters on all channels and devices carrying Dolby Digital audio. At the upcoming CCW Expo, Nov. 12-13, Video Clarity will demonstrate IP stream testing with Dolby Digital audio using RTM.

Many facilities for cable, IPTV, and satellite program distribution carry Dolby Digital audio in programs from the origination point through digital processing and distribution. As part of the encoded video/audio package, these signals need to be decoded from the file or the network in order to be tested for quality, loudness, and lip sync. Previously, in order to test SDI or IP video streams, RTM and ClearView systems required an additional external decoding device to provide PCM (uncompressed), MPEG, or AAC audio in the stream. 

With this new function, Video Clarity customers can now use RTM and ClearView to test files and streams containing Dolby audio without having to decode IP streams to baseband signals. Additionally, operators can join and switch to any stream over an IP network and selectively decode any of those audio/video streams serially for testing. The new integrated decoding functionality saves television networks and other broadcast facilities the expense of having to purchase a separate decoding device, and also reduces cabling and power consumption.

"Audio testing has become a critical component in the program distribution chain. By providing a built-in Dolby Digital decoding feature in ClearView and RTM, we're able to offer our customers an even more complete and robust set of test functions," said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. "This is a needed capability in practically any quality testing environment, whether it's for a TV operator or a broadcast processor manufacturer. It's the latest example of how we are continually and incrementally adding the features and enhancements that our users need."

The new Dolby Digital audio encoding functionality for RTM and ClearView will be available late in the fourth quarter of 2014 at a price of $4,995 per system for all multichannel audio decoding requirements or as an optional software license for new systems. More information about Video Clarity and the company's products is available at 

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Video Clarity Inc. provides audio and video quality assessment and analysis systems for researchers, broadcasters, equipment vendors, and entertainment distribution engineers that must continually measure the quality of their products and services. Propelled by market-leading technology, Video Clarity solutions have been adopted the world over by major media networks such as NBC Universal and BSkyB; leading broadcast-product manufacturers such as Cisco and Harmonic; and educational, government, and research organizations such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the U.S. Army, and NASA. Video Clarity was founded in 2003, with headquarters in Campbell, California, and distribution worldwide. Additional information is available at

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