Video Clarity Introduces MultiPlayer Application for ClearView 4K Analyzer and Player Systems

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- March 30, 2016 -- Video Clarity Inc., provider of market-leading audio and video quality measurement and analysis systems, today announced the release of MultiPlayer, an optional application for new and existing Video Clarity ClearView 4K systems. MultiPlayer is the only such product that can automatically and interactively select sequences for side-by-side playback in multiple video formats on up to eight screens at once.

"With the number of origination formats expanding continually, it's imperative that customers can play and compare two or more videos in multiple formats at the same time. Our customers have also asked for the ability to simultaneously compare 4K to HD in multiple formats as well," said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. "Supporting full-4K transmission is very expensive, so comparing full 4K to upconverted HD transmissions can help service providers understand how different delivery scenarios impact quality, perhaps enabling them to save money if they find that the upconverted HD looks as good as the 4K original. Also, comparing source video side by side with its processed counterparts helps providers analyze quality in order to perfect the service for each format."

MultiPlayer can output up to four different HD or SD video playback sources from a ClearView Analyzer 4K or ClearView Player 4K system with a single quad HD-SDI interface. In ClearView 4K systems with two quad HD-SDI interfaces, MultiPlayer can play up to eight HD sequences or one 4K sequence plus four HD or SD sequences, all with audio and in several combinations. Users can control each sequence playback individually or lock all sequences to one command. They can also apply a fixed side-by-side view to each output, which enables additional comparison between the source and encoded/decoded versions of video on all screens and outputs.

Program originators and product developers can use MultiPlayer to study the effect of different video resolutions and/or bit rates on video quality. They can also perform a visual study of 4K versus native HD playback or HD formats that are played on 4K monitors. 

The MultiPlayer application is designed for ClearView Analyzer 4K models and ClearView Player 4K systems only. It will be available in April as a package with newly created ClearView Player 4K models, an option for new ClearView Analyzer 4K systems, and an add-on to existing 4K systems.

Video Clarity will demonstrate MultiPlayer at the 2016 NAB Show in booth SU12413. More information about Video Clarity and the company's products is available at

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Video Clarity Inc. provides audio and video quality assessment and analysis systems for researchers, broadcasters, equipment vendors, and entertainment distribution engineers that must continually measure the quality of their products and services. Propelled by market-leading technology, Video Clarity solutions have been adopted the world over by major media networks such as NBC Universal and BSkyB; leading broadcast-product manufacturers such as Cisco and Harmonic; and educational, government, and research organizations such as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the U.S. Army, and NASA. Video Clarity was founded in 2003, with headquarters in Campbell, California, and distribution worldwide. Additional information is available at
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