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USITT Double Mics Keynote Speaker with Confidence of CO2

At the recent USITT 2019 Stage Expo, Point Source Audio® (PSA) introduced its new CO2 Confidence Collection microphones to the theatrical community. The CO2 collection of Headset, Lavalier, and Earworn dual element mics also got a thorough testing at the USITT Conference as PSA was back once again as the Official Headworn Mic Sponsor for the keynote speeches and events.

The patent-pending CO2 Confidence Collection, a new class of wireless microphones, all have dual elements, each measuring a tiny 3mm, that offers built-in redundancy. The CO2 mics integrate two of the company’s important first-to-market features in miniature microphones: IP 57 waterproof rating, and the “unbreakable” headset boom bendable to 360° to bolster durability.

Field Testing

As a part of its sponsorship of USITT, the team from PSA worked with Jeff Polunas, Special Events Sound Coordinator for the USITT Sound Commission on incorporating the CO2 Confidence mics into his audio rigs. [Outside of USITT, Polunas is the Sound Supervisor at the University of California, Irvine.] He spoke about the new mics and how they worked for his audio needs at the Conference.

“The PSA CO2 Confidence mics worked great for our needs and were used in all the sessions that were on the main stage and for events — the keynotes, the Distinguished Achievement Awards, the Early Career Honors, and for the New Product Showcase,” explains Polunas. “I have worked with PSA mics for the last two years at USITT.”

Seamless Switchover

Having the backup microphone, the unique feature of the CO2 Confidence mics, was a great feature for Polunas and the audio team. “Having the backup with the dual mic elements was great. We used it with two mic packs on Jackie Taylor, who was the Keynote speaker,” he comments. “Halfway through her speech, I was matching the gain on the DiGiCo console we were using, and I popped over to her backup mic in the middle of the speech. I just did it to prove that it can be switched over; and no one even noticed. There wasn’t an issue on the pack, or anything like that, but we just swapped it over to show that it does exactly what it was supposed to do.”

Very Low Profile

The low profile of the CO2s dual elements is another feature that really stands out for Polunas. “The size is another thing about the mic I really like about these new mics. Knowing that you can put it on the lead, and it doesn’t look like they’re wearing an element the way that PSA has designed it. It’s very hard to tell that they’re actually wearing two elements because of the way they’ve handled it; it’s the same size all the way through to the very end. Another factor for me is the time-savings. Instead of having to take time in making your own rig to make a backup for a production, you can use this out of the box solution.”

“One thing that I really liked was the fact that they’re headworn,” he says. “They were very quick to adjust, and most of the people didn’t even realize that they were still wearing them. They were very comfortable on the back and the way that they looped over both of the ears. They were comfortable for the talent.” For USITT, Polunas paired the CO2 mics with mic packs from Lectrosonics.

Locking X-Connectors Add Confidence

He continues with some other features of the mics that stood out to him. “I like that the mics come in multiple colors; that helps. They’re not just black or beige; they have a brown element, which is also a nice touch. We had all three colors at USITT, so we could match the mic to the speaker or presenter. The fact that they have the X-Connectors, which makes it adjustable. If you have different mic packs, you can swap out a mic pack versus having to swap out the whole entire microphone.”

Polunas sums up his thoughts about the PSA CO2 Confidence mics: “I think they’re a great product. I’m pushing to get some added to our inventory, to augment some of our other mics,” he says. “I think they are top of the line products and anyone that would be using them would be happy to have them in their production.”

Point Source Audio’s work with numerous sound professionals over the last decade has resulted in groundbreaking microphone developments such as the EMBRACE™ and CO2 Confidence microphones.

About Point Source Audio
Point Source Audio (@PSA_audio) manufactures and distributes worldwide their SERIES8, EMBRACE, and CONFIDENCE collection of miniature microphones — a unique line of headset, earworn and earmounted microphones known for their robust bendable boom and waterproof features. The company also holds two patents for the EMBRACE concealable microphone as well as the patent for the world’s first modular in-ear comms headset that is supporting the hearing health for audio, lighting and camera techs using headsets everywhere from sports to space. Founded in 2004, Point Source Audio is headquartered in Petaluma, California. For more information call (415) 226-1122 or visit Follow the company on Twitter at