Untamed Sports Drops the Hammer in January with New Grassroots Road Racing Series

West Palm Beach, FL – December 31, 2018 – Untamed Sports turbocharges 2019 with the launch of a new, high-octane series about grassroots road facing. Also featuring in January are more adrenaline-packed seasons and episodes of the channel’s best and most popular programs about auto racing, kickboxing, wrestling, boxing and wrestling.

Untamed Sports packs a fierce punch with a relentless and expanding vortex of extreme sports and adventure programming, also including hunting, fishing, rafting and hiking, to name a few. Olympusat Inc. stands out as one of the best, largest and most diversified media companies in the world specialized in owning Spanish and English-language networks, as well as producing content and providing a plethora of technical services.

January has the need for speed in Untamed Sports with the premier of Grassroots-Road Racing on January 10 at 3 p.m. EST. This exhilarating half-hour documentary, produced by Nomad Digital in Canada, immerses viewers into the adrenaline-packed world of grassroots car racing.

New Year’s Day arrives with a power-slam with new episodes of Championship Wrestling from Arizona at 6:30 p.m. The weekly show profiles top and emerging stars from Arizona as they contend with opponents from around the world. Moreover, Tinseltown delivers a diving elbow drop at 11 a.m. with fresh episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, dishing out the excitement and drama reminiscent of the Golden Days of legends of the sport such as Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhoads and Briscoe Brothers. Sledding fans will say Whoa! New Year’s Day at 3 p.m. with new episodes of Sled Head, hailed as the most comprehensive snowmobile show on television.

January 2 delivers a roundhouse kick of bigger and better episodes of the kickboxing series Inside Glory, starting at 5 p.m. The show is hosted by Todd Grisham and features exclusive footage and interviews from global Glory events. Later at 8:30 p.m., tune in as well for a new season of Glory – Rewind, an all-access pass to the hardest kickboxing action including hard hits, devastating knockouts and upsets.

Speaking of knockouts, get ready January 3 at 2 p.m. for the best boxing series in syndication with fresh episodes of Ringside Boxing. This latest installment headlines two exciting title fights from Season's Beatings 2 Silent Night Night. Untamed Sports also throttles through January with the season premiere of the auto/racing blockbusters The Appraisers (1-9 6:30 p.m.), Extreme Auto Hunters (1/10 5 p.m. EST), American Car Prospectors (1-9 10 a.m.) and Honda Racing at Speed (1-12 3 p.m. To learn more about Olympusat’s networks and the company’s industry-leading efforts, please visit olympusat.com

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