Undefined Creative Delivers Graphics Package to Help Launch Jerry Springer's 25th Season

Getting ready to launch the 25th season of “The Jerry Springer Show,” NBC Universal called on Undefined Creative (UC) for a special supplemental graphics package. UC, which had been involved in establishing the show’s current look, was the natural choice in developing the celebratory design elements to mark such a milestone moment.

The challenge for the NYC-based agency involved mixing two very different looks – one being the show’s current aesthetic, an incredibly recognizable look that is very gritty and industrial, with a lot of dark grays, rusts and hot yellows that scream “danger,” and the other involving a handful of new anniversary elements… silver-toned, polished and sleek. Since UC was only building distinct pieces, the rest of the package—for on-air and promos—would remain the same.

To accomplish this, UC incorporated materials from the standard package to tie in the industrial themes, but swapped out black rubber and rusted metal for shiny silver. Because font choice for the “25” was critical, they experimented with a number of options, all of which were selected to complement the existing show typography. The goal was to inject a lot of novelty through texturing and lighting the new elements, while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

“I think our familiarity with the brand helped tremendously,” said UC’s Executive Producer, Cathy Humphrey. “We were also very fortunate to have both the show team and the promo team very involved in the feedback to ensure that what we were creating will work with all existing materials.” 

UC worked with Cinema 4D and AfterEffects in creating the elements, which include a “25” tribute bug and several specialty transitions: a video frame for the “flashback” footage; an “All New” upper to match the “25” look; and an “Original Airdate” keyable plate with template for titling.

See campaign elements HERE.

“Undefined Creative understood our vision and captured exactly what we were looking for by marrying the industrial look of the past with the shiny new look of the future, to highlight season 25 of the show. Cathy and Maria were a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with them again,” said Kerry Shannon, Executive Producer for “The Jerry Springer Show.” 

Project Credits:

Undefined Creative

Maria Rapetskaya, Creative Director

Cathy Humphrey, Executive Producer

Jesse Roff, 3D Animator

Mark Haskins, Sound Design

The Jerry Springer Show

Kerry Shannon, Executive Producer

About Undefined Creative

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