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Undefined Creative Delivers Extensive Graphics Package for Syndicated Launch of "Crazy Talk"

Undefined Creative (UC) was recently selected by NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution to help develop and create the show graphics for “Crazy Talk,” a new syndicated comedic talk series launching this fall. While the project began in 2014 with the show’s pilot, “Crazy Talk” was cleared for national distribution and UC’s originally designed basic package expanded dramatically to include the series launch – an effort that involved the creation of two distinct graphics packages for marketing and broadcast.

"Crazy Talk," hosted by Tanisha Thomas (“Bad Girls Club,” “Girlfriend Intervention”) and Ben Aaron (“New York Live”), is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud comedic show which raises an eyebrow on the most outlandish and sometimes bizarre moments across the rapidly growing reality television landscape.

UC’s biggest challenge with the pilot had been striking a balance between running wild creatively and staying on budget. In this case, the team went overboard, putting trust in a longstanding relationship with NBCUniversal’s Paul Faulhaber and his ability to transform pilots into successful series. UC, which has worked with Faulhaber on such series as “The Maury Show,” and “Trisha,” among others, knew the key to success with this project was creatively translating the executive producer’s vision into graphics capturing the show’s flavor and dynamic host energy.

“Paul’s concept for the set was orange and white, and he immediately saw the logo as squared, something evocative of the two hosts,” explained UC founder/Creative Director Maria Rapetskaya, who drew inspiration from her own boxy couches and bright, splashy accents. “It’s quite rare that a creative process just comes together so easily and fluidly, but I think it’s really the result of how long Paul and I have worked together. I always joke that he can now send me a sketch on a dinner napkin and I'll know precisely what he sees there.”

Created with Cinema 4D, UC’s initial graphics delivery included the logo, open, loops, transitions and an ID bar. Once “Crazy Talk” was cleared for syndication, however, the project required complete marketing and broadcast packages covering everything from promos, social media templates and style guides to lower thirds, reaction bubbles and branded frames. See project highlights HERE.

“Maria has been—and always will be—my go-to creative mind when the stakes are high and I need my creative vision fully realized.  I wanted the look of ‘Crazy Talk’ to cut through the grey matter that floods the airwaves of syndicated television today. Maria and I have developed a creative short hand over the last 10 years. A few sketches, a few conversations, and like magic, my vision is brought to life,” said Executive Producer Paul Faulhaber. “The ‘Crazy Talk’ graphics are one of my favorite packages that Undefined Creative has produced for me. It is clean, incredibly colorful, and most of all, truly memorable.”  

“Crazy Talk” makes its nationally syndicated debut today. For local listings, visit

Project Credits:

Undefined Creative

Maria Rapetskaya, Creative Director

Cathy Humphrey, Executive Producer

NBCUniversal Domestic TV Distribution, Crazy Talk

Paul Faulhaber, Executive Producer

About Undefined Creative

Founded in 2010, Undefined Creative is a creative agency blending uncommon ideas with sophisticated design and polished execution to establish and cultivate brand awareness, through motion graphics and animation. The agency’s clients include national consumer and media brands across platforms. For more information, please visit

About Crazy Talk

CRAZY TALK is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud comedic show which raises an eyebrow on the most outlandish and sometimes bizarre moments across the rapidly growing reality television landscape. Hosts Tanisha Thomas (Bad Girls Club, Girlfriend Intervention) and Ben Aaron (New York Live) inject their raw and hilarious banter into the absurd, ridiculous, and most watched TV clips that viewers can’t resist watching. The show welcomes back some of the stand-out guests featured in these memorable clips to provide the inside scoop behind their crazy moments. CRAZY TALK is a nationally syndicated comedic talk series taped in front of a live studio audience at the Stamford Media Center. The show is produced and distributed in the U.S. by NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution. Paul Faulhaber serves as the show’s Executive Producer.