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Ultra Macho Premieres the Thrilling Drama A Teacher’s Crime

West Palm Beach, FL – February 16, 2017 – As part of its efforts to connect its viewers with the content they absolutely love, Ultra Macho, Olympusat’s HD channel that features the best in Mexican wrestling, extreme sports, automobile series, and late night adult programming, announced the network premiere of the thrilling drama, A Teacher’s Crime on Saturday, February 18, 2017, at 9:15 p.m. EST.

Starring Ashley Jones, Erik Knudsen and Chris Mulkey, A Teacher’s Crime narrates story of Carrie Ryan, an attractive history teacher who takes a special interest in one of her students – Jeremy Randolph. Orphaned at age 9, Jeremy was raised by his uncle Bill, a ruthless former convict who spends much of his time developing schemes to get rich, including a plan to photograph his nephew and Carrie together and extort three hundred thousand dollars from her.

Devastated by the fact that someone wants to destroy not only her career but also her personal life, Carrie tries to convince Jeremy to go to the police and turn in the very man who raised him since he was just a young boy.

“Ultra Macho distinguishes itself for its bold and exciting content; I’m certain that this film is going to be a big success among our viewers,” said Jesus Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat. “A Teacher’s Crime is a rich and complex story that promises to keep the audience engage throughout the whole movie. The director did a wonderful job portraying such a complicated and stressful chain of events.”

Directed Robert Malenfant and produced by Capital Productions, A Teacher’s Crime is an American-Canadian collaboration. The movie enjoyed great success internationally in countries like Argentina, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, and The Netherlands where it received positive reviews by the audience and the media.

Ultra Macho is owned and operated by Olympusat, a leader in the Hispanic television and media space through its 100+ SD and HD Spanish- and English-language television networks, and it’s currently available on Charter Spectrum, Hotwire Communications, Verizon FiOS, and VEMOX™.

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