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Ultra Luna Premieres a Russian-Ukrainian Melodramatic TV Series on March

West Palm Beach, FL – March 19, 2020 – Ultra Luna, the HD entertainment channel that features the most popular series, narconovelas, and telenovelas catering to the Latina audience, premieres House With Lilies, the Russian-Ukrainian melodramatic TV saga of a war hero and his family from Monday through Friday, starting on March 23rd at 9 p.m. ET.

The House With Lilies starts when a war hero, Mikhail Govorovov, becomes a communist regional party leader, moving his entire family to a country house. At first, Mikhail doesn’t pay attention to provincial superstitions and old wives’ tales about the house he’s currently living in. Legend has it that the house is cursed; its owners, their children, and grandchildren will never be happy in love.

At first, their lives are going well, but misfortunes soon begin to haunt Mikhail. The son dies, and the wife drowns her grief in wine. And then Tasia, the mother of Lily – Mikhail’s love child – survived and is looking for her daughter. Children grow up, parents grow old. But they all continue to live under the roof of a house with lilies, with still more tragedies unfolding.

The film spans several generations, starting from World War II up until the present, depicting how some were able to get back on their feet, new families were created, and still more mishaps and calamities ensue. The film is directed by Vladimir Krasnopolsky, who brings his own rich life experience to bear.

“This is the story of the cataclysms that have been in our country, which experienced the country as people survived in a few crazy, madcap life as helped each other, what love was – it was dictated by political events taking place in the side,” says the Russian director Vladimir Krasnopolsky in an interview to Secret Entertainment Today Blog.

Each episode takes the audience deeper into the events and lives of the family, each member of the family at times sympathetic, at times not, as some allow the tragedy to slowly take them down a darker path. Director Krasnopolsky uses each step forward to develop a contrast between good and evil.

The cast includes Anna Gorshkova, who portrays Lily as an adult. Mikhail Govorov is excellently played by Sergei Makhovikov, an old-school actor with impressive filmography behind him. Alexey Fateev plays a young man Sergei, whom Lily was going to marry. In addition, the star ensemble features many other talented and well-known actors, including Nikolay Dobrynin, Viktor Rakov, Boris Khimichev, Mikhail Zhigalov, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Denis Matrosov, Svetlana Kosolapova, Dinara Yankovskaya, and Daria Baranova.

The House with Lilies won the best Screenwriter of TV Film/Mini-Series/Series at the Teletriumph Awards 2015 in Ukraine. It also was nominated for Best Television Mini-Series at the Association of Cinema and TV Producers (APKIT) Awards in Russia in 2015. With 24 episodes of 52 minutes each, the series was produced by FILM.UA and Favorite-Film and written by Maria Bek and Elena Boyko.

Ultra Luna is owned and operated by Olympusat, and it’s currently available on Hotwire Communications, FiOS by Verizon, and VEMOX™.

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