Ultra Kidz Presents Clever Bears, a Despicable Logger and Jar-Dwelling Creatures

West Palm Beach, FL – February 1, 2019 – February brings boatloads of laughs and adventure to Ultra Kidz every day of the week with the launch of two new animated series featuring mysterious jar-dwelling creatures and a hilarious faceoff between brother bears and a greedy logger bent on attaining wealth by destroying their forest. The network is the first Spanish-language HD entertainment channel for children packed with fun and educational programming from different parts of the world.

The showdown begins February 4 at 9 a.m. EST in Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy (Los Hermanos Boonie: Frenesí en el Bosque). Forest Frenzy continues the saga of Briar and Bramble and their battle with the nasty logger Vick and his relentless schemes to get rich by plundering the forest. But the brother bears have a lot of friends and witty strategies to prevent Vick from achieving his sinister plans. The popular series is directed by Leon Ding, Huida Lin, Yongchang Lin and Tianlong Ye.

The sibling adventures continue February 11 at 4 p.m. EST in Jar Dwellers SOS (Criaturas SOS), where Sophie and her brother David discover and release three incredible creatures that had been trapped in scientific jars for 200 years. But once Ooble, Crunch and Barka are set free they are immediately pursued by an unfriendly group of jar trackers that want to recapture them. Sophie, David and a secret book written by the late scientist that created the jars might be their only hope. Spanish voiceovers by Melissa Gedeón, Angie Villa, Jocelyn Robles, Manuel Campuzano and Alan Bravo.

“Boonie Bears was initially launched in China in 2012 and quickly became the most popular children's show in the country,” said Jesús Piñango, Director of TV Content Strategy at Olympusat. “It has since been translated into many other languages including Spanish and is distributed to 82 countries worldwide,” Piñango said. “Jar Dwellers, for its part, is also very popular and has even inspired the creation of mobile and tablet educational apps for children,” he added.

Ultra Kidz is owned and operated by Olympusat Inc. and is available on Charter Spectrum, Claro, Hotwire Communications, Liberty, Verizon FiOS and VEMOX™.

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