TV App Agency Launches TV App Template 2.0 with A.I. Engine at IBC 2017

London and Amsterdam, 5th September 2017 – TV App Agency, the leading software developers for TV applications on multiple platforms, is launching an update to its TV App Template, offering a full self-service end-to-end version of the platform, where a user can enter with one login, upload videos, create apps and launch services in minutes. The new service will be available by the end of Q3, with new clients already committing to the new upgraded solution.

The TV App Template 2.0 is pre-integrated with all the major OVP providers including Verizon, BrightCove, Ooyala and Kaltura for the video solution and uses Verizon Edgecast as the CDN to ensure high availability and low latency. Additionally Template 2.0 has a full payment gateway service that supports SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, localised plans and vouchers.

The TV App Template 2.0 comes in several versions to offer maximum flexibility:

  • Self Service - allowing customers to launch apps to all platforms (web, android, ios, Xbox One, PlayStation, smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV) with minimal to no developer intervention
  • Standard – where TVApp Agency developers works with the client to customise the template to satisfy specific client needs
  • Premium – includes Telco backend integration

Users can define the UI of apps without developer intervention giving them flexibility, which prebuilt apps cannot do. Users can also install the TVApp analytics package in-house, giving them valuable insight into their consumer’s habits.

The TV App Template 2.0 also contains the beta release of TVAA AI recommendation engine which tracks activity and viewing behavior to a more granular level of detail so that it can more intelligently track viewers choices and offer a more sophisticated intuitive recommendation service delivering more meaningful results to the viewer and to the content owners.

Bruno Pereira, Co-Founder of the TV App Agency, says: “We are super excited to announce our TV App Template 2.0 and all associated new products. Since the launch of our award winning TV App Engine, we been delivering apps to customers and delivering reach on the OTT space but we always felt that it was still a very development driven solution. But now our enterprise grade solution – based on almost 7 year of experience, offers much more as we empower content editors, marketing manager to adapt/personalise their apps on the fly to meet the needs of the market.  Based on TVA 360 analytics, you can now make decisions on what content to acquire, make available to users per territory/device. Clients can use our TVAA AI recommendations to produce sophisticated highly relevant recommendations based on geo/device/user viewing habits and A/B or MVT testing. All this without losing the ability to deliver bespoke apps, versus traditional template app solution, where the editors feel restricted by the limitations of classic templates.”

The TV App Template 2.0 will be available to demo IBC2017. To book a demo, please contact

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TV App Agency works with leading brands to help them understand, plan, develop and succeed with their apps on a wide range of connected devices. The TV App Engine is a 'Develop Once/Deploy to Many' cross platform app compiler that is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offer and which delivers low cost, maximum reach, faster to market apps for brands through the generation of a single source code to deploy and maintain across most Smart TV platforms.

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