TV App Agency joins the Vewd Certify program to deliver out of the box solutions for the Vewd OTT Ecosystem

London, 12th October 2017TV App Agency, the leading software developer for TV applications on multiple platforms, confirmed today that they are part of the Vewd Certify initiative. Vewd’s open platform approach ensures that all apps developed by TV App Agency are compatible with Vewd-enabled devices, which streamlines development efforts and reduces the time-to-market.

This innovative approach from Vewd ensures that brands and content owners can now realise their ambitions to reach their customers seamlessly at the same time regardless of the choice of device. By removing the need to recode each variant of an app for Vewd-enabled devices, content owners will be able to more efficiently plan their launch dates and more quickly see return on investment.

Following the recent announcement of the TVAA Template 2.0 solution, TVAA customers can take this one step further and take advantage of 2.0 which offers a full self-service end-to-end version of the platform. Users can enter with one login, upload videos, create apps and launch services in minutes. The new service will be available by the end of Q3, with new clients already committing to the new upgraded solution.

“TV App Agency has worked with us for years, launching over numerous apps on our platform, so we see this as a natural step in our partnership, says,” says Daniel Nordberg, SVP of Partnerships, Vewd. “The combination of TVAA Template 2.0 solution and our certification programs ensures quick launch time and quality apps at the same time. “

“We’re excited to support the Vewd ecosystem in our TV App Engine,”

Says Bruno Pereira, Managing Partner, TV App Agency.  This new innovative approach blends seamlessly with our own template solution and by removing this historical bottleneck we enable brands to deliver compelling viewing experiences without the historical compatibility issues’

About TV App Agency

TV App Agency works with leading brands to help them understand, plan, develop and succeed with their apps on a wide range of connected devices. The TV App Engine is a 'Develop Once/Deploy to Many' cross platform app compiler that is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offer and which delivers low cost, maximum reach, faster to market apps for brands through the generation of a single source code to deploy and maintain across most Smart TV platforms.

Now with our exciting TVA template, we can provide you a faster solution to market for all OTT platforms.

About Vewd

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