Tubular Labs Unveils New Social Video Intelligence Features For Instant Content Strategy Insights

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- October 11, 2018 -- Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Hulu, along with ABC, NBC, Turner, Viacom, Disney, BuzzFeed, Jungle Creations, and Insider, are all chasing direct-to-consumer, omnichannel premium video streaming consumption habits. Enter Tubular Labs, the leading social video analytics company. Today, Tubular Labs announced its new, visual ‘Intelligence’ tools: Performance Insights delivers instant video content strategy insights; and Compare Mode offers instant custom creator comparisons to help users quickly adapt to competitive shifts in the social video landscape.

For video practitioners responsible for brand expansion, content creation and digital audience growth, Tubular Intelligence has launched new, easy-to-use, instant insight tool that can faster surface your path to video success. Tubular Intelligence facilitates confidence in the daily video decisions you make, from what to create to how long to make it -- reliably and in real-time.

“We built these Intelligence tools with modern broadcasters, publishers and brands in mind, affording them the ability to uncover business-critical content insights using the most powerful social video dataset available today - quickly, without complicated spreadsheets and formulas,” said Rob Gabel, Founder and CEO at Tubular Labs.

With these new Intelligence tools, Tubular wants to help get actionable insights into the hands of the people making content and programming decisions every day. One of the biggest drivers of confidence for video strategists is tangible data that shows real performance results tied directly to specific content tactics. To that effect, Performance Insights was developed to surface these findings quickly and easily.

Stephen Reader, Senior Manager of Analytics and Insights at Viacom, agreed; “With Performance Insights, I am prepared to quickly respond when asked for the optimal video length for our videos. Insights such as video duration performance guide editorial decision-making and saves time for my team.” Performance Insights helps video content creators take action on video characteristics such as duration, format, platform of upload, and even day of upload, by illustrating the effect of those characteristics on performance results such as views and engagements, across platforms.

“These new and improved tools take our Tubular Intelligence platform to the next level,” said Allison Stern, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tubular Labs. “We’re making it more simple than ever to uncover the themes and drivers which will enable successful social video programming and branded content.”

BuzzFeed is also a fan of these new features:

“The new Intelligence features give us a clear snapshot of BuzzFeed property performance with simple filtering functionality,” said Darris Lee, Head of Data Analytics at BuzzFeed. “Our team is able to make more informed creative decisions and view top creators by important metrics such as views, V30*, or by comments."

*V30 is part of Tubular’s proprietary Video Ratings suite and has become a critical metric for leading media publishers who use it to measure and draw inferences on their company’s video performance. It refers to the total views a video, set of videos, or publisher receives in its first 30 days from publishing, and enables true apples to apples measurement in social video. Tubular Labs, which is uncontested as the most comprehensive global social video intelligence offering, is uniquely suited to offer the V30 metric due to the scale of its platform.

Tubular Labs is excited to continue innovating their offerings, providing actionable insights to inform quality content and ultimately enable audience growth and monetization. For video strategists who need confidence in their content decisions, Tubular Labs offers the leading cross-platform video measurement solution that measures nearly 5 billion videos, 400 million video consumers, and 13 million creators, including 150,000 brands and 60,000 media publishers.

About Tubular Labs

Tubular Labs is the leading global video measurement and analytics platform that powers broadcasters, publishers, and brands to compete successfully in the rapidly changing world of digital video. Tubular’s software measures over 4.8B videos, 12.8 creators, and 400M video consumers, generating insights for its customers to scale and monetize their audiences faster. The company is trusted by 7 of the top 10 global media companies, who make strategic decisions every day based on Tubular software. Behind every digital video decision, is Tubular. For more information, visit www.tubularlabs.com