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New Standard Introduces TV Metrics to Social Video Environments

San Francisco -- Tubular Labs, the world leader in digital video measurement and branded video intelligence, today revealed additional details around the development of a new suite of metrics aimed at addressing the significant uncaptured potential for online video monetization. To date, investment in social video has been constrained by a lack of uniform market standards to value these audiences at parity with traditional media channels.

Now, by introducing time-based measures for the time spent viewing across social platforms and de-duplicated audience engagement, Tubular Labs becomes the first to normalize attention and unique reach for social video on a global level.

“Technology has made audiences global, mobile and social, but the current measurement products are country-specific, often missing mobile, and are seriously lacking in social coverage -- leading to confusion and locked economics for online video,” said Rob Gabel, founder and CEO at Tubular Labs. “Our vision is to drive the same transparency in global social video that the industry already has for radio, TV and websites, delivering key insights that change the way both media and brands transact on video.”

Trillions of video views are generated across the world’s largest social platforms, yet without a way to value audiences beyond views, there is no common way for the buy and sell side to transact and deliver ROI confidently. Publishers haven’t realized the revenue commensurate with the hundreds of millions of viewers across social platforms. Brands have suffered as well, with an inability to understand and reach an audience increasingly moving to social.

“For 17 years, The Ellen Show has entertained fans around the world, becoming a significant digital brand with a fanbase of over 215 million,” said Michael Riley, General Manager of Ellen Digital Ventures. “As we continue to create content and new IP produced exclusively for digital, the market needs measures that allow media companies to communicate brand resonance -- including branded entertainment content - at parity across channels and show a complete picture of our broad audience.”

The new time-based video measurement approach was co-developed with a consortium of top online publishers through the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA), and its members Viacom, Ellen Digital Network, Corus Entertainment, VICE, BuzzFeed, Group Nine, and Media Chain; new to the group this fall are Discovery and Brut.

“Working with our GVMA members and early access customers, we are rapidly making progress to commercialize and release our new measures that will reveal a comprehensive picture of global audience reach and engagement for social video, bringing long-needed parity to the industry’s accepted linear standards” said Neil Patil, Chief Commercial Officer at Tubular Labs. “This will include standardized time-based views across platforms, true global de-duplicated reach, total watch time, average watch time per unique viewer, audience demographics and location, and special reporting features.”

Tubular’s new metrics are available through an invitation-only Beta program. Contact Tubular Labs ( to receive updates and join the waitlist.

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