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Digital Media Brand Brut. Uses Tubular’s Video Categories to Optimize Programming and Advertisers to More Easily Transact on Brut.’s Audiences

SAN FRANCISCO, February 25, 2020 - Tubular Labs, the world leader in digital video measurement and branded video intelligence, today announced the launch of its global video categories, a new next-generation taxonomy which helps media producers and advertisers to more easily surface and transact on audiences in a deeply targeted way against niche, subcategory concepts within social video original programming.

Built on top of Tubular's ContentGraph™ technology -- organizing the world of video for media companies, agencies and brands -- video categories organizes video by creator industry, video format, sponsored content, corporate entity, and audience demographics. Video categories helps people keep their finger on the pulse of culture -- from macro communities to niche audiences -- with a taxonomy which features 1,500 subcategories and more than three million topics that spans the globe.

“The explosion of social video and the diversity of digital audiences pose a challenge to video programmers and content marketers trying to understand their audiences' preferences,” said Rob Gabel, CEO at Tubular Labs. “Food as a genre alone doesn’t cut it anymore. Does Gen Z prefer eating contests or cooking hacks? To build the content that truly addresses their audiences, publishers and advertisers need a segmentation of video content and insights that go beyond the video genre classification from traditional TV and streaming.”

In TV and digital video, ratings are critically important. They determine a show’s fate, and help dictate ad pod pricing. However, ratings without context are useless. A show with 2 million viewers at 9pm on a Tuesday can only be deemed a hit within the context of what the content producer’s performance is relative to a myriad of factors relative to its competitors and unique audiences.

Producers need the context of how all shows are performing for certain dayparts, how they perform with certain niche audiences -- including how long viewers stay tuned in, all in a deduplicated cross-platform fashion. Comprehensive context for the new global web of web video is critical, and that’s where Tubular’s video categories comes into play.

Brut., the leading next-gen global digital media brand for millennials and Gen Z, is a Tubular customer, early adopter of video categories and new member of Tubular’s Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA). Having established itself as a leader in social video, Brut. also provides consulting services for brands and publishers to help them maximize engagement with key audiences through social media.

“Brut. engages in meaningful conversations with a growing audience of 2 billion millennials and Gen Zers around the world, and we rely on Tubular Labs as our global audience validation partner,” said Guillaume Lacroix, founder and CEO of Brut. “Using Tubular's video categories, we are able to cut across lots of manual processing and our team can surface top-performing videos in specific categories and subcategories that were previously obscured, and then analyze these new video segments for whitespace growth opportunities across platforms.”

Brut. video categories claims include:

  • Brut. is in the top 10 News & Politics media properties globally creating videos on Social Issues on Facebook;
  • Brut. nature is the #1 French creator creating videos about Climate Change and Environmental Protection on Facebook; and
  • Brut. nature is in the top 10 media creators globally creating videos about Climate Change and Environmental Protection on Facebook.

*Data as of Feb 13, 2020, based on videos uploaded in the last 90 days.

Tubular is expanding upon previous best-in-class TV streaming solutions, and the video categories product initiative is led by Jackie Joyce, who spent nine years at Netflix as a senior manager of originals programming and content promotion strategy.

“With video categories, publishers can equip their content strategists to create the best-performing videos and enable their media selling teams to better compete for advertising dollars in specific audience segments,” said Joyce. “Meanwhile, for brands and advertising agencies, media buying teams can more optimally allocate media dollars to specific target audiences based on deep content preferences, choosing the right publishing partners to engage and work with.”

With video categories, Tubular is redefining how content producers, media buyers and marketers make sense of video content within the new, seemingly endless digital landscape. For more information, visit

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