Tubular Labs Announces Second Annual Global VideoAces Awards

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, February 20, 2018 – Tubular Labs, the leading global video measurement and analytics platform, today announced its second annual global VideoAces Awards, honoring 2017’s top 52 media companies and creators in online video as well as the top brand partners on Facebook.  As part of the VideoAces Awards, the media company and brand partner winners will each receive a trophy. There will also be a customized deck of cards featuring illustrations of each winning creator’s most viewed video in 2017.

“With over 48% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 expected to switch their content consumption from television to social video by 2020, there’s no doubt that all content is converging to video,” said Allison Stern, co-founder and CMO of Tubular Labs. “There were more than 10 Trillion video views in 2017.  There’s a war for audience attention and the real winners are the publishers who create the most engaging and attention-grabbing content. Our VideoAces Awards recognize and applaud those winners as they charge forward creating the future of media.”

2017 VideoAces Award Winners

In the Top Global Media Companies category, Buzzfeed ranked  #1 with 57.4 Billion Facebook and 7.4 Billion YouTube views across its 110 creators, followed by Time Warner (395 creators) with 25.0 Billion Facebook and 18.7 Billion YouTube views. LADbible (12 creators), a leading entertainment community for UK youth ages 18-34 took the #3 spot with 51.3 Billion Facebook and 31.6 Million YouTube views. The Walt Disney Company (770 creators) was at #4 with 20.6 Billion Facebook and 23.1 Billion YouTube views followed by UNILAD (11 creators), a top UK-based comedy and entertainment media company at #5 with 46 Billion Facebook and 18.5 Million YouTube views.

In the Top Global Media and Entertainment Creators category, UNILAD held the #1 spot with 39.6 Billion Facebook views and 18.5 Million YouTube views, followed by LADbible, who held their spot at #2 with 37.5 Billion Facebook views and 9.9 Million YouTube views. VT, an online entertainment channel owned by Jungle Creations rose in the rankings this year at #3 with 31.0 Billion Facebook and 57.7K YouTube views. 9GAG: Go Fun the World, a global entertainment channel was #4 with 11.7 Billion Facebook views, followed by 5-Minute Crafts, a DIY crafts channel at 16.0 Billion Facebook and 3.4 Billion YouTube views.

"We're proud to be recognized in Tubular Labs' 2017 global online video leaderboards," said Melissa Chapman, chief content officer at Jungle Creations. "2017 was a massive year for Jungle Creations. Our flagship channel, VT, grew 12 Million followers and went from an average of 2 to 3.2 Billion views a month, helping us become the most viewed media company on Facebook by November 2017. 2018 is set to be even bigger as we progress towards becoming the most viewed media company in the world."

In the Top Most Viewed Brand Partners on Facebook category, BuzzFeed’s Tasty, the largest global social food network took the #1 spot with 1.0 Billion views, followed by NowThis, a top social news publisher in the world, owned by Group Nine Media at #2 with 406.4 Million views. The #3 spot went to VT with 341.3 Million views followed by Bleacher Report at #4 with 305.0 Million views and UNILAD, at #5 with 303.7 Million views.

“We’re honored to be recognized as the #1 brand partner on Facebook in the world, and proud of the massive reach and real-world results we deliver for marketers,” said Ashley McCollum, general manager of Tasty.  “Advertisers who partner with Tasty know what they’re getting: unparalleled reach, best-in-class creative, and a loyal, passionate fan base who are proven to make our recipes and buy the products we support.”

"We've seen incredible growth over the last year since we formed Group Nine Media -- emerging as a top 10 global media company. Our data-first approach has been key to guiding the evolution of our business as well as our content creation and optimization strategy," said Ashish Patel, Chief Insights Officer at Group Nine. "We're incredibly proud that NowThis (#2 in brand partners on Facebook) and The Dodo (#8 in media and entertainment creators) are being recognized in Tubular's 2017 VideoAces awards and look forward to additional successes in 2018."

For more information on the 2017 VideoAces campaign visit: https://tubularlabs.com/video-aces/

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