Triveni Digital Supports Transition to ATSC 3.0 With New StreamScope XM Quality Assurance System

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Aug. 15, 2016 -- Triveni Digital today announced StreamScope(R) XM, one of the industry's first monitoring and analysis systems that supports ATSC 3.0 candidate standards. Using StreamScope XM, broadcasters can perform detailed analysis of ATSC 3.0 streams and data structures. By enabling broadcasters to analyze ATSC 3.0 services, and quickly detect, isolate, and resolve issues, StreamScope XM makes it practical for broadcasters to launch early deployments and trials of ATSC 3.0, ushering in a new era of digital television that will leverage the dramatic improvements in the underlying broadcast technology.

"The ATSC 3.0 environment will be completely different, allowing broadcasters to deliver TV content, using IP and a heterogeneous delivery system that relies on broadband and over-the-air delivery paths. To make a graceful transition, broadcasters need a service analysis system from a trusted test and measurement manufacturer," said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and marketing at Triveni Digital. "Built upon a decade of quality assurance innovation, our StreamScope XM enables broadcasters to successfully migrate to the new environment and efficiently handle the increasing complexity and growing number of compliance requirements, while retaining commonality with our widely deployed MPEG-based StreamScope quality assurance tools. Ultimately, we are ensuring superior broadcast quality of service today and in the future."

StreamScope XM provides broadcasters with flexibility, enabling them to configure analysis rules, select performance parameters, customize dashboards, and resize charts and graphs to create an efficient, personalized analysis tool with on-site and internet access. Through the system's user-friendly web-based interface, users can view current and historical reports for postmortem analyses, improving quality of service over the long term.

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Photo Caption: Triveni Digital's New StreamScope(R) XM Quality Assurance System

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