Best Video Production Companies in Cleveland

Best Video Production Companies in Cleveland

Cleveland has for a long time been a major film production hub in the midwest. There are plenty of camera crews, video production companies, & media production resources located in Cleveland making anything from small scale interview shoots to major motion picture production. Here is a ranking of the Top 5 best video production companies in Northeast Ohio:

5 Best Video Production In Cleveland:

1. Commercial Media

Commercial Media is a Cleveland Video Production Company specialising in high end cinematography for Television Commercials & Web Advertising Videos. Commercial Media provides everything from media production services to copywriting & post-production. Having in house Cinematographers, Audio Specialists, Writers, Editors, Producers, & Directors. Whether a simple camera crews to complex large scale video productions armed with RED Cameras, Arri Cinema Cameras, Panasonic, Canon, or Sony Cameras, we capture beautiful images paired with impactful audio recordings that drives your brand’s message to the forefront.

2. Bad Racket Recording Studio

Bad Racket Recording Studio is a Audio Production facility in Cleveland Ohio. One of the best recording studios in ohio, Bad Racket has capabilities far surpassing many smaller facilities that exist in the region. Offering 3000 Sq. Ft. of Sound Stage Studio Space, we can handle anything from Voice Over Recording Sessions with a Phone Patch to ADR, Live Full Band Music Recording, and Foley Recording. Featuring an Calibrated Audio Mixing Stage & Control Room, Very Large Live Room, and 3 Isolation Booths, we are equipped to handle nearly any type of audio production from recording to mixing and mastering services. Our Engineers are experts in Music Production, Audio Post-Production Mixing for Film, Sound Design, Audio Restoration, Podcast Production, & tons more.

3. Henri Rapp Recording - Production Sound Mixer

Having well recorded audio in the field can make or break any production, this is where hiring an excellent Location Sound Mixer is of extreme importance. Henri Rapp has years of experience as a location sound recordist, as well as post-production mixing. Whether recording dialog, ambiences, special effects, or room tone, he has the gear to make any production succeed. Basic Audio Gear Package consists of Sound Devices 664 Field Recorder & Mixer, Boom, 2 Wisycom Wireless with Sanken COS11 Mics, & Hardwired Feed to Camera. Additional gear such as Timecode Sync Boxes, Smart Slate, IFBs, Additional Wireless Lavalier, Wireless Camera Hops, and more available upon request.

4. UAV Cinema

For UAV Aerial Video Services in Ohio look no further then UAV Cinema. UAV Cinema is a fully FAA Licensed & Insured Drone Service, working in Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinnati. Drone Packages start with DJI Inspire 2 Drone with 4k RAW Package, Drone Pilot, Aerial Cinematographer, & Drone Safety Utility. Heavy lift drones carrying RED & Arri cameras available upon request.

5. Cleveland Camera Rental

One of the biggest needs in any video production is gear, fortunately Cleveland has an excellent production equipment rental house, Cleveland Camera Rental. The staff is knowledgeable with wide array of gear ranging from Camera, Support Gear, Grip Equipment, Video Lighting, & much more. If you need video gear while shooting in Ohio, look no further than Cleveland Camera Rental.