Timecode Systems Appoints New Distributor For North America Ahead of Shipping of UltraSync ONE

WORCESTER, U.K. -- July 5, 2017 -- Timecode Systems Limited, a U.K. manufacturer of wireless timecode synchronization technology for the broadcast industry, today announced it has appointed JB&A as a distributor of its products in North America. This move comes as the company prepares to commence shipping of the hotly anticipated UltraSync ONE, a powerful, yet low-cost multicamera synchronization solution.

JB&A will be stocking and supporting Timecode Systems' core product range, including UltraSync ONE. The system is designed to provide a robust wireless synchronization solution for productions using multiple video and sound sources, enabling crews to save time both at the point of shooting and later in postproduction. JB&A will work alongside California-based Timecode Systems, Inc. to offer a comprehensive reselling resource for dealers in North America and to strengthen the availability of the company's products across the region. 

"This is a very exciting step for both Timecode Systems and JB&A, especially as it's happening when UltraSync ONE is just hitting the market," said Nick Smith, director of media technologies, JB&A. "We are one of the most respected names in the industry when it comes to supplying workflow technology. The manufacturers we represent are often known for being innovative, and Timecode Systems definitely fits this criterion with its pioneering approach to wireless synchronization and the control of sound and video in multicamera productions. We're very excited to be representing them."

Since releasing its first product in 2012, Timecode Systems has quickly established a reputation for innovation and collaboration. Over the past five years, the company has developed a suite of hardware and software solutions, launching integration projects with well-established industry favorites including Sound Devices and GoPro®. However, it's the company's newest product, the UltraSync ONE, which has fuelled this latest development in its distribution channels.

"We knew there was a market for a small, cost-effective, wireless, multicamera sync solution, but we've still been astonished by the huge demand for UltraSync ONE since we launched the product at the 2017 NAB Show in April this year," said HJ Rorke, director of sales for North America, Timecode Systems Limited. "Widening our distribution network across North America has always been part of our long-term strategy, but the fantastic response and pre-orders of the UltraSync ONE have driven this to happen now. We recognized that, in order to meet the demand for this product and deliver a great customer experience, we needed to expand our supply network. Finding the right distribution partner was crucial, so we're thrilled to have found a great match with the team at JB&A."

With the first batch of UltraSync ONE units due to ship shortly, Timecode Systems is looking forward to entering an exciting new chapter with JB&A, building on the strength of its existing established network of resellers to provide even wider access to its products in North America.

More information is available at www.timecodesystems.com. 

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About JB&A
Founded in 1996, JB&A is a leader in the field of Digital Media and Video Technology. They are dedicated to bringing the most innovative and complete solutions to market including: Media Management, Broadcast, IP & Streaming, Digital Display & Collaboration, and Connectivity & Image Resolution. JB&A is staffed by industry experts, and provides support in every step of the pre and post sales process. JB&A is a unique mix of Consultant, Channel Partner, Solutions Provider and Distributor with an ecosystem of certified, tested and proven products and workflow solutions. For more information, please visit jbanda.com.

About Timecode Systems
Timecode Systems designs and manufactures timecode hardware, software and OEM solutions that make it easier to capture, log, search, and synchronise content captured during multicamera film and television shoots and 360-degree virtual reality (VR) filming. Timecode Systems products work together to offer production teams an end-to-end cohesive wireless workflow solution. Whether generating consumer or professional content, in a mainstream multicamera or VR setting, you can sync multiple sources of video and audio (including DSLRSs and GoPros), share metadata, and remotely control devices using the free multiplatform BLINK Hub app.

More information about Timecode Systems can be found at www.timecodesystems.com and www.syncbac.com.

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