Timecode Systems at the 2016 NAB Show

2016 NAB Show 
Timecode Systems Ltd.
Booth C2221
April 18-21, Las Vegas

B:LINK Hub Creates a Powerful Production Dashboard
The B:LINK Hub is a new feature embedded within Timecode Systems' flagship :wave and :pulse products. For the first time at the 2016 NAB Show, users will have real-time access to a dashboard displaying every Timecode Systems unit on a rig, on screen and in one place. The B:LINK Hub can be conveniently accessed from the Web browser of any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, Mac® or PC over Wi-Fi, or through a wired Ethernet connection into the :pulse

The real power of this new feature is activated when connected to the Ethernet port of the :pulse. This connection activates the function to record start/stop, and control any compatible cameras and sound recorders directly from the dashboard, offering unrivalled capability to centrally sync video and audio timecode and metadata in even the most complex multi-camera set-ups. 

A live demonstration at the Timecode Systems booth at the 2016 NAB Show will highlight the powerful workflow advantages of the B:LINK Hub.

Photo Link:www.wallstcom.com/TimecodeSystems/TimecodeSystems_BLINK-Hub.jpeg
Photo Caption:B:LINK Hub Real-Time Production Dashboard With Central Camera Control Function

Integrated Workflow Made for the Sound Department
Timecode Systems' latest firmware release for the :wave officially launches the company's partnership with sound department favourite, Sound Devices, and PureBlend (the company behind the MovieSlate® app). This collaboration creates the first integrated workflow solution specifically designed to meet the needs of the sound professional. 

With this upgrade, users can now seamlessly sync and share metadata and timecode via a bespoke Timecode Systems Sync lead from the :wave's data port to the USB port on a Sound Devices 6-Series recorder. In addition to enabling a perfect sync across all devices on set, users can activate the :wave's integrated Wi-Fi interface to connect to the MovieSlate 8 iOS application. From here, they can start and stop shots, sync timecode and metadata, and create stunning sound reports effortlessly.

Photo Link:www.wallstcom.com/TimecodeSystems/TimecodeSystems_WaveFront.png
Photo Caption: :wave Timecode, Genlock and Word Clock Generator With RF Transceiver and Wi-Fi

New Collaborations Enhance Capability of the :pulse
The :pulse was originally developed to work as a partner to the ARRI Alexa camera, offering timecode and metadata functions and full wireless control of the camera from an iPad for the first time. At the 2016 NAB Show, Timecode Systems will be announcing some exciting new collaborations with other third parties that will further cement this product as a powerful hub for not only timecode and metadata exchange, but also for wirelessly controlling multiple devices on a shoot using the new B:LINK Hub.

Timecode Systems will be revealing and demonstrating these new collaborations at the 2016 NAB Show.

Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/TimecodeSystems/TimecodeSystems_PulseProfile.png
Photo Caption::pulse Timecode, Genlock and Word Clock Generator With RF Transceiver, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Company Quote:

"In 2016, we've added some powerful new features to our products and broadened the application of our B:LINK network to create what we believe to be the broadcast industry's most advanced and fully integrated workflow solution. There's the new B:LINK Hub and some great additions to our :pulse and :wave products, and we're constantly finding new ways to utilise the B:LINK network to control even more production devices centrally using any smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC. At the 2016 NAB Show, customers can experience all this exciting new technology, and for the first time we'll be showing with complete clarity how it all joins up to create our most cohesive workflow solution yet."
-- Paul Scurrell, CEO, Timecode Systems Ltd.

Company Overview
Timecode Systems Limited designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software products that offer a reliable and user-friendly way to generate, sync, and share accurate timecode and metadata wirelessly over long-range RF and Wi-Fi. Whether a production includes one camera in a studio, multiple cameras, or a whole army of wearables or minicams on location, Timecode Systems products work together to offer television and film professionals a cohesive wireless workflow solution for syncing video and audio, centrally controlling devices, and sharing metadata.

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