The Vitec Group at the Broadcast India Show 2018

Vinten & Sachtler: All-New flowtech100 Carbon-Fibre Tripod

On display at the Broadcast India Show will be the new flowtech100, the newest addition to the award-winning flowtech carbon-fibre tripod range. Compatible with all major 100mm fluid heads, flowtech100 supports a payload of up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds), making it the ideal tripod for heavy-duty electronic newsgathering, electronic field production, and a wide range of wildlife, commercial, and documentary productions.

Like flowtech75, flowtech100 is based on an exclusive carbon-fibre technology that includes the world's fastest-deploying tripod legs. With unique, quick-release brakes conveniently located at the top of the tripod, the tripod's legs can be deployed simultaneously and adjust automatically to the ground's surface — saving operators from having to bend over and manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg. The exceptional torsional stiffness of flowtech100 ensures that the tripod will not twist during camera-panning movements. In addition, a versatile hinge-lock mechanism enables flowtech100 to be raised up to 155cm for high shots or quickly lowered to 26cm to accommodate extremely low, ground-level shots.

Litepanels: Gemini 2x1 Soft Panel and Gemini Firmware Update

Also on display at The Vitec Group Stand C-311 will be Gemini, the industry's most accurate and versatile 2x1 soft panel. The light's most recent firmware update includes new special effects, new gel modes, and advanced fan operation. Gemini eliminates the need for color correction by offering full-spectrum white light that's perfect for lighting talent and rendering exceptional color. Lighting professionals can "go bold" by lighting with any color in the 360-degree color spectrum and popular gels within Gemini's color modes. Gemini's versatile, lightweight design allows the light to be rigged more easily, requiring fewer cables because the power supply is built-in. The production-friendly soft panel can also deliver full-intensity output when powered by batteries such as the Anton/Bauer CINE VCLX battery.

Autoscript: Intelligent Prompting Range for IP Workflows

Teleprompting leader Autoscript will be showcasing its latest developments for the Intelligent Prompting range. Intelligent Prompting is the industry's first teleprompting system designed around an IP-enabled workflow that can also accommodate video workflows. These developments include additional features within Autoscript's premier prompting software, WinPlus-IP, that build even greater redundancy and reliability into Intelligent Prompting workflows.

Also being shown at the Broadcast India Show will be EVO-IPS, the world's first all-IP prompting monitor, and WinPlus-IPS software, a simple but powerful prompting application for smaller productions. The combination of WinPlus-IPS and EVO-IPS packages the power of Intelligent Prompting into a cost-effective, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use solution that's perfect for smaller IP-based studios as well as corporate, educational, and government productions.

Vinten Robotics: Vantage, External Lens Drive, and FH-145

Vinten, a leader in manual and robotic camera support systems, will also be featuring products at the Broadcast India Show, including its award-winning Vantage robotic camera head, external lens drive, and FH-145 fluid head.

In a compact and lightweight form factor, the Vinten Vantage pan/tilt head enables broadcast-quality video and superior motion control at the same price point as a traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera head. Vantage empowers customers to choose the camera and lens that meet their requirements, ensuring that they can match manual camera positions, work over long distances, and manage low-light conditions.

The optional Vinten external lens drive significantly increases the number of lenses that can be used on Vantage-mounted cameras and delivers full servo functionality, including virtual reality (VR) tracking to manual lenses. Ideally suited to cine, teleconference, or ENG manual lenses, the external lens drive can drive up to three axes of any manual lens, giving users the ability to drive zoom, focus, and iris.

The Vinten FH-145 fluid head demonstrates the future of broadcast robotics and offers exceptional performance and unprecedented control and accuracy, providing broadcasters with the highest quality video output. The FH-145 head operates in both manual and robotic modes and is designed to support typical camera and lens packages up to 66 kilograms (145 pounds). Offering broadcasters a flexible yet simple solution, the versatile FH-145 is as easy to set up as it is to operate.

Company Quote:

"Broadcast India attendees are looking for the next generation of broadcast technology to make their production workflows faster, easier, and more efficient. Vitec Production Solutions will be featuring solutions that offer extreme control, reliability, and flexibility, including IP-based prompting, robotic camera supports, and soft panels that quickly illuminate virtually any environment. All of our gear enables broadcasters, camera operators, and lighting professionals to capture and share exceptional imagery in the most efficient way possible. Even our new flowtech100 tripod, featuring the world's fastest-deploying legs, allows users to film at a moment's notice, regardless of location, weather, or terrain."

— Dave Dougall, Vice President of Sales, EMEA and APAC, Vitec Production Solutions

A Snapshot of The Vitec Group plc

Vitec is a leading global provider of premium branded products and solutions to the fast moving and growing "image capture and content creation" market.

Vitec's customers include broadcasters, independent content creators, photographers and enterprises, and our activities comprise: design, manufacture and distribution of high performance products and solutions including camera supports, camera mounted electronic accessories, robotic camera systems, prompters, LED lights, mobile power, monitors, bags and noise reduction equipment.

We employ around 1,700 people across the world in 11 different countries and are organised in three Divisions: Imaging Solutions, Production Solutions and Creative Solutions.

The Vitec Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2017 adjusted revenue* of £378.1 million.

More information can be found at:

LEI number: 2138007H5DQ4X8YOCF14

* Revenue from continuing and discontinued operations

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