The Most Famous Detective in 6th Century China Returns to TOKU

West Palm Beach, FL – December 27, 2018 – TOKU takes viewers on a journey through time and crime as it launches Season 3 of the popular Chinese television series, Amazing Detective Di Renjie. The channel distinguishes itself as the only around the clock, on-demand network that delivers non-stop Asian action and cult titles dubbed into English.

Amazing Detective Di Renjie 3 depicts the continued fictional stories of real-life 6-century sleuth Di Renjie. Also known as Duke Wenhui of Liang, Di Renjie served as a magistrate and statesman under the Tang Dynasty (608 to 907 A.D.). This marks the key period in time when China skyrocketed into a global economic, cultural, political and military superpower. In season three of Amazing Detective Di Renjie, the Tang Dynasty continues to encounter challenges on every side, including boundary wars and the depletion of public funds. Thank goodness that the kingdom can count on the famous Di Renjie to step up and save the day!

The first episode airs January 2 at 8 p.m. EST, with a new one airing every subsequent Wednesday at the same time. Famous Detective Di Renjie 3 was directed by Qian Yan Qiu, who also acted on some of the episodes. The series stars Zhang Zijian, Lü Zhong and Liang Guanhua in the title role of detective Di Renjie.

“The Di Renjie series takes us deep into a sixth-century world that may ancient but is definitely not forgotten,” said Jesús Piñango, director of TV content strategy at Olympusat. “And this third season promises to keep delivering a constant dose of thrills, laughs, and intrigue,” Piñango said.

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