Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture and Vantage Version 7 Now Available

Telestream, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced that Lightspeed Live Capture, its new multichannel video capture and processing application, is now available. Part of Telestream’s strategic focus on the live streaming market, Lightspeed Live Capture was built specifically to enable a more concurrent workflow between live broadcasts and companion OTT and VOD distributions. Also announced, is the immediate availability of Vantage version 7, representing the continued evolution of the Vantage software platform with more sophisticated processing, captioning & subtitling, cloud support and social media capabilities.

Lightspeed Live Capture

Operating standalone or as part of a Vantage domain, Lightspeed Live Capture is an integrated hardware and software appliance that delivers flexible and efficient encoding performance. It provides capture of real-time SD, HD, UHD and 4K video and encoding into the most common high-quality mezzanine formats in use worldwide, while simultaneously supplying a proxy for each channel being processed. This integrated hardware and software appliance combines dual CPU’s, a GPU and an optional HEVC hardware encoder for even faster encodes to H.265. The formats created are completely compatible with Vantage Open Workflows, resulting in significantly reduced workflow latencies.

Vantage version 7

Version 7 of the Vantage Media Processing Platform contains many new features including:

  • Open Workflows enables workflows to start generating output before file input is completed. With parallel processing, multiple Vantage Actions can run simultaneously.
  • Timed Text Flip captioning and subtitling workflows now include expanded editing features and new character support, including Japanese Ruby Characters and formatting along with Lambda .CAP file format support.
  • A connector to Telestream Cloud that connects Vantage workflows and Telestream Cloud transcode factories, adding scalable cloud transcoding capacity to Vantage enterprise systems.
  • Vimeo support has been added to the list of social end points in Vantage for Social Media.

Vantage version 7 introduces Secured Version Control for customers wishing to only update specific Vantage components to take advantage of new features while isolating other workflows from any software change until convenient. This Secured Version Control capability gives greater flexibility and confidence to users seeking to upgrade specific components while other mission-critical workflows continue to run undisturbed and unmodified. 

“Perfecting a complex workflow is a detailed and time consuming process. Once a workflow is complete and validated, there is a strong desire to ’not touch it’,” said Paul Turner, VP of Enterprise Products at Telestream. “To protect such workflows, Secured Version Control allows a workflow to be locked, enabling targeted updates to certain Vantage components only when convenient for the customer.”

Advanced task scheduling has also been improved in Vantage version 7. Task-based load-balancing ensures that all Vantage servers remain fully utilized, maximizing server efficiency. This prevents situations where some Vantage servers are over-utilized and others under-utilized.

Lightspeed Live Capture and Vantage version 7 are available now.

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